Christine Blasey Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual harassment during a party that took place decades ago. Both Ford and Kavanaugh have said they will testify before the Senate. This places Kavanaugh’s confirmation in jeopardy, but more importantly, has revived typical GOP tactics of denial and gaslighting. Senator Orrin Hatch offered an alternative theory by saying that Ford was “mixed up” and had a faulty memory of the night she was referring to. Trump, predictably, has mirrored Hatch’s response by saying that Kavanaugh doesn’t have a single blemish on his record. All of this echoes Roy […]

Kavanaugh Confirmation and Christine Blasey Ford

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Despite the strong economy, Trump’s approval rating has dropped in numerous polls. It’s natural to wonder why, and why it has taken so long. Could the New York Times op-end and its mysterious writer be the catalyst for  a sinking approval rating? I would definitely say it has had an impact. The op-ed paints Trump to be erratic, impulsive, and dangerous. Since the latest polling shows his approval among independents has taken a nosedive, we’re left speculating about the cause. There are a couple of other […]

Trump’s Approval Rating Drops. Has the President’s Branding of Himself ...

STATUE OF LIBERTY AT SUNSET flickr photo by jefrois shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license I can’t believe my last post on this blog is about James Comey. Looking back, he seems like a political dud. Everything I posted since then seems ancient relative to the present. Fast forward to now? So much has happened in my absence. Most recently, the Supreme Court handed Trump a victory by approving his third iteration of the now infamous travel ban. The timing for the president is perfect it seems, after suffering probably his largest political setback, concerning family separations at the […]

Trump Has Made the Midterms All About Immigration

Pan Am Flight 103 memorial ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery flickr photo by Arlington National Cemetery shared with no copyright restrictions using Creative Commons Public Domain Mark (PDM) I wrote a post earlier today about James Comey slipping on political ice. While I’m not so much concerned with his fall from grace, we should think of Comey as a symbol. Partisan rhetoric is nothing new, but it’s definitely intensified since the humble beginnings of the 2016 presidential election. Both Democrats and Republicans have recently shunned the FBI. The Democrats used Hillary Clinton as a suitable martyr. Most Republicans will defend […]

Will Comey’s Ethical Stance Fall Flat?

170322-Z-VD276-012 flickr photo by S.C. Air National Guard shared with no copyright restrictions using Creative Commons Public Domain Mark (PDM) I almost feel bad for James Comey. The former FBI director’s book released today under an already thick cloud of perceived hypocrisy and inauthenticity. He talked about Trump’s normal-sized hands and orange skin. Prattled on about ethical leadership…etc etc. As with most reviews on Comey’s tome of ethical half-truths, this is starting to sound very negative. Sure, Comey doesn’t come across as very genuine. Promoting loyalty while giving everyone the “queen’s wave” on a book tour doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. But, […]

James Comey and His Tainted Halo

Syria 2007 114 The Citadel of Aleppo (Arabic: قلعة حلب‎) flickr photo by David Holt London shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Trump’s habits of making off the cuff remarks without regard for the consequences has long agitated tensions in the United States and abroad. He’s unabashedly frayed diplomatic ties with other countries, thinking that a brash, devil-doesn’t-care attitude will ultimately save the day. But that was then, and this is 2018. Trump spoke recently at an Ohio rally, claiming that the US military would withdraw from Syria “very, very soon. ” That following Saturday, a chemical attack near Damascus […]

Trump Talks, Syrians Die

President of the United States Donald J. Trump at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017 by Michael Vadon flickr photo by Michael Vadon shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license You might have heard, Donald J. Trump craves the economic ruin of the United States. He wants to impose $100 Billion in tariffs against Chinese goods, the latest tennis serve in a heated trade war with Beijing. It’s unclear exactly how this will play out–except this most likely won’t result in an outcome that is beneficial to the US. Trump seems to be sabotaging himself without realizing it. He believes that […]

Trump Tariff Madness

Jeff Bezos flickr photo by jdlasica shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Trump has stepped up his broadsides against the package giant Amazon. He tweeted recently that the company was essentially bankrupting the Post Office. Trump attacking a powerful corporate entity is nothing new, since he’s gone after CNN via the AT&T/Time Warner Deal, but the President’s salvos against Amazon are having an effect on Wall Street and the company itself. It’s long been reported by liberal-leaning outlets that Trump is a would-be strongman, and has admired the likes of Duterte from the Philippines, and Putin from Russia. While […]

Trump Attacks Amazon, Supports “Capitalist Authoritarianism”

  Stephen Miller flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license President Trump has closeted himself with Stephen Miller at his absurdly luxurious Mar-a-Lao resort. He spent the morning sending a flurry of tweets related to DACA and using NAFTA as a bargaining chip with Mexico, essentially ordering them to reduce the flow of immigrants if they wish to see the trade agreement remain intact. While it’s important to analyze the President’s tweets, one-by-one, narrowing our lens to an in-the-moment assessment of his short history as POTUS, it’s important not to lose sight of the broader […]

Trump and Stephen Miller’s “Breakfast Nook” Anti-Immigration Easter Weekend

Copley Square Immigration Rally panorama flickr photo by Tim Pierce shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license With DACA clogged up in the courts, you might think that immigrants have a reason to rest easy. Just like the Emma Gonzalez thing, you’d be wrong. Trump campaigned on severely anti-immigration rhetoric, targeting Muslims, refugees, and Mexican immigrants. To stigmatize immigrants, he pulled vague statistics out of his star fissure, claiming that they were more likely to commit acts of crime and terrorism. Conservatives justified their voting for Trump by saying that “he should be taken seriously, not literally.” That was a […]

The Trump Administration’s Draconian Yet Stealthy Immigration Policy

March for Our Lives Emma’s Stunning Moment flickr photo by Mobilus In Mobili shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license You might think that Emma Gonzalez and her story of surviving the Parkland massacre as being universally inspiring–but, unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Like many events observed by the far-right media, their political agenda deeply overrides reality. Gonzalez’s activism has of course inspired many, but the far-right has painted her with the colors of a villain. A altered GIF shows Gonzalez ripping up the US Constitution. Problem is the video, and the photos that spawned from it, are completely fabricated. The […]

Emma González Shaped Into Fictional Character By Far-Right

  Believe it or not, I haven’t talked about the Stormy Daniels issue on this blog yet. I think part of the problem is that when most people talk/write about Stormy Daniels or Trump’s other affairs, they can’t help but fuel a puritanical sensationalism. The reasons for this seem to be steeped in American culture.  First, America’s attitudes toward this kind of activity (see? I can’t even bring myself to say the “s” word…), are, well, American’s attitudes. I won’t re-tread old ground. Secondly, all of this is evocative of the Clinton years. Except Trump is involved in three lawsuits […]

What Does Stormy Daniels Mean for the Trump Presidency?

Washington & Grant Monuments ~ Washington D.C flickr photo by Dusty J shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Hey, everyone! I think I mentioned at some point that I’m working on a longer project that might be released in ebook form. Surprise, it focuses on the current messy state of American politics! So, I’m thinking that I should release a portion of it to my readers, not only as a free preview, but to receive feedback. It’s loosely based on this post which I wrote a long, long time ago. Enjoy. But, seriously, don’t be afraid to write your […]

A Deeper Look Into American Politics

MUELLER BOB flickr photo by newsguy86 shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) President Trump firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller is far from a new topic. If you’ve been following Trumpian politics for the last several months, Robert Mueller is an incredibly familiar name. He’s a martyr for Democrats and a convenient scourge for Republicans.  Look. I like Mueller. He’s quiet and does his job quietly. What more could you ask of a man? Trump (or rather, Attorney General Jeff Sessions) recently fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day […]

Trump Grapples With the Sword of Justice–Robert Mueller, Again

Hey, my ardent followers! I know I haven’t posted in quite awhile, but it’s for a good reason (I hope). I’m working on various projects, one is a longer political work that I don’t know when will see the light of day. The other is a fiction novel (a little horror is never a bad thing). Just got done with that, and now comes the editing phase. So, in short, I’ve been pretty busy. But to be honest, I’ve felt a little guilty not keeping up with this blog. I miss the thrill/mild terror of American electoral politics. What’s new, […]

A Lamb to the End. A Top Diplomat Falls.

  Hello to all of my loyal followers. Sorry for the long absence, but I’ve been readying a digital product for release. Probably about six weeks out (maybe a little longer). While writing this ebook, I made an unexpected connection. Even though immigration seems like the hot button issue for Democrats (and it should be), I’m wondering how it will collide with the #MeToo movement. Before delving into that, I want to say that #MeToo is definitely a positive political force. Unfortunately, in this age of spin, counter-spin, and limited political resources, we do have to consider the impact of […]

The #MeToo Movement and #Immigration

  Joe Arpaio flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license   White supremacists aren’t just sticking to the streets anymore, they are running for the highest levels of government. Well, as David Duke can attest, this isn’t the first time that flaming bigots have run for office, but it might be the first time in awhile that they have a chance to succeed. The midterms are quickly approaching, and even though they are months away, preparation for them begins now. With Trump in office, this behavior existing in the well-lit halls of politics is normal […]

White Supremacists Drool Over 2018 Midterms

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Not surprisingly, Trump decided to not release the democratic memo. This decision coincided with the resignation of two top aids, Rob Porter, and David Sorensen, a speechwriter for the administration. Look, I get it. When you abuse your position in government, the prestige of it is often enhanced. For a certain cold-blooded segment of the population, there’s allure in that. You don’t even have to be the one in charge. No, as long as you perceive yourself as similar enough to the person in a position […]

Rob Porter, The Democratic Memo, and a Self-Serving View of ...

White House flickr photo by kidTruant shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license More White House shakeup stuff. Rob Porter, White House aide, resigned Wednesday due to allegations from his ex-wives concerning domestic abuse. Even though many aides were aware of Rob Porter’s character, nothing was done to oust him from the West Wing. Not only that, but there was an internal effort to support him in the face of those allegations. Post-resignation? Well, in typical Trump fashion, the defense of Porter persists. Why should this time be any different? When Roy Moore ran for the Senate in Alabama’s special […]

Rob Porter Resigns Amid Claims of Domestic Abuse

Stock Crash flickr photo by illustir shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Donald Trump, often obsessed with being an historic president, felt the squeeze yesterday when the Dow Jones average had the most significant one day point loss in its history, losing 1,175 points. This morning wasn’t much better, with the Dow falling by about 567 points. The obvious connection here is that since Trump never hesitated for a moment to give himself credit for a “soaring” economy, he should in theory look weak. While Trump fanboys try to rescue his chickpeas from the fire by referring to the […]

Dow Jones Plummets Again–Trump Faceplants Into Reality

The Nunes memo has been out for what seems like a political eternity, with nothing to counteract it so far. Even though the Democrats are maneuvering for the President to release their own memo, there’s only one contestant in the arena, the memo released by Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. It’s clear that Trump believes the document vindicates him in the eyes of his followers. That’s the premise here. This monstrosity doesn’t need to be “perfect.” It’s quick, dirty, and the hype built around it did 80% of the job. In fact, parts of the memo actually […]

Memo Chaos–It Isn’t Going Away

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Wrote another post about Russia. I talked about how Trump’s narcissism and the view of American exceptionalism have taken the focus away from the very serious issue of Russian propaganda/interference with the 2016 and future elections. I see this playing out in a number of ways. First, authoritarianism grows from a perceived problem. Trump ran on the “problem” of a stagnant economy and immigration/general racism. The conservatives have found their champion. On the liberal side of things, Trump was the crisis since his inauguration. If every […]

Trump Inspires Authoritarianism, But Not The Way You Think.

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump arrived in London on horseback for Paddy Power, London, UK, 13th March 2017 flickr photo by TaylorHerring shared with no copyright restrictions using Creative Commons Public Domain Mark (PDM) Sometimes you wonder how the Republican or Independent voter views things. As President Trump rips through various democratic institutions, many of them seem apathetic to these changes. Even though Trump is engaging in an all-out assault on democracy, the lenses that many of them use are reliant on the pretext of Russia investigation or American exceptionalism. Let’s take #TheResistance movement. While I’m very much supportive […]

Trump’s Assault on Democratic Institutions. Also Putin.

Trump-28 flickr photo by TaylorHerring shared with no copyright restrictions using Creative Commons Public Domain Mark (PDM) The Nunes Memo was released earlier today. It revealed that the FISA court warrant that allowed the FBI to continue to spy on Carter Page was largely granted because of the Christopher Steele dossier. Of course, the Democratic counter-point memo has yet to be released. Many commentators have talked about how Putin is jumping with glee right now because his goal of dividing the United States, both at the government and electorate level, is obviously a reality. Rather than be interested solely in […]

Putin’s Game: Trump’s Self-Preservation

Congress flickr photo by Jeremy Buckingham MLC shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license You know, I thought this month was going to be about DACA. Leave it to Mr. Liver Pills to make it all about him. I’ve written about the memo quite a bit recently, you can my posts here, here, and here. Also, if you want to read the memo for yourself, feel free to check out a copy on CNN’s website. Good ol’ CNN, I hope you stick around for awhile. There’s been a considerable amount of windup about this memo, and it’s hard not to wonder […]

The Effects of the Nunes Memo

The Nunes memo built up so much by CNN/Fox/various platforms of social media has been released. It essentially places responsibility on the Steel dossier for government surveillance of Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser. As I’ve recently talked about, the main intended consequences of the release of the memo are the discrediting of the FBI, and a pretext to fire Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General. There’s a lot of blubber about the memo itself. Is the memo credible? The memo is crap, the memo is an attack on our democracy, etc. I hate using this word “democracy.” Makes me […]

Release of Nunes Memo–Trump’s Enemy List Expands

Donald Trump flickr photo by cornstalker shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Looks like the Nunes memo isn’t going away. I wrote another post about this recently, you can find it here. It’s important to note from here on out that President Donald Trump will do anything he can to end Mueller’s Russia investigation. Anything that seems “unprecedented” and would shock the foundations of liberal democracy doesn’t matter. If Trump believes that pursuing a political course of allowing Mueller to do his job isn’t working, then releasing the memo and finding a way to discredit the FBI and a […]

Will Trump Succeed Where Nixon Failed? #TrumpObstructed #TrumpRussia

Jefferson Memorial II flickr photo by Alexander Day shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license So yesterday, the House Intelligence Committee decided to vote to release the memo Rep. Devin Nunes has been bragging about. Under normal times, this might be perceived as helping to keep the democratic barge afloat by holding the FBI and Justice Department  accountable for partisan maneuvering. Instead, since we are all chafing under the yoke of a would-be dictator obsessed with turning reality into a reality TV show–the vote to release the memo seems deeply motivated by political venom, specifically of the Republican kind. President […]

The Nunes Memo and Trump Tyranny #NunesMemo

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Robert S. Mueller III was this close to being fired by President Trump in June of last year, saved only by a threat from White House Counsel Donald F. McCGahn that he would resign. Interesting stuff. In one sense, this is hardly news, considering that it’s been widely known Trump has wanted to fire Mueller ever since he took over the investigation into Russian meddling. It fits neatly into Trump’s pattern though, a pattern of walking past a danger zone, only to back pedal when things get […]

Trump Wanted to Fire Mueller (Stunning Plot Twist)

The Panda – Iconic, Ionic and (somewhat) Ironic flickr photo by Ken and Nyetta shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license I felt like engaging in some “blogging archaeology” earlier today, and found some real gems. Rounded up some political/non-political fiction for your perusal. Let me know what you think! A Wasteland President, Part 1 (It’s actually part of a much larger saga that I never ended up finishing. It’s about President Trump waking up in post-apocalyptic Florida. Teams up with the Obamas). 5:31am, Part 1 (This one is a real blast from the past, has over a dozen installments. Well […]

Blogging Archaeology

So, a couple of days ago, I posted about how Trump’s American Carnage, a numb-minded utterance from his first speech as president, has borne fruit. Trump described this carnage as derelict factories under the shadow of malevolent elites. While Stephen Miller’s handiwork is all over this, the President breathed  angry life into the words that deeply resonated with conservatives. Much of this carnage has to do with the language itself. It emboldens racists, who then aren’t afraid to express themselves. This racism occurs on many fronts, from anti-African American sentiments, to violence and hatred directed at immigrants. During his fiery […]

Trump’s “American Carnage” Part 2

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license The phrase “American Carnage,” used in Donald Trump’s first speech, portrayed the United States as a country besieged by crime, littered with derelict factories, and beaten down by gold-encrusted elites. It’s my theory that Trump is fostering his own “American Carnage.” Racists are having a parade with the current administration’s policies. The most recent example is a man who threatened to kill CNN employees. Brandon Griesemer was arrested, but only after several phone calls consisting of threats and disparaging rants about African Americans and Jews. In […]

Trump’s “American Carnage” Comes to Fruition

White House flickr photo by Diego Cambiaso shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license The government officially shut down on Friday night. Not pretty. Since then, though, it’s been a heavily politicized blame game from both Democrats and Republicans, with #TrumpShutdown and #SchumerShutdown competing on Twitter. Last time I checked, #TrumpShutdown had a fairly massive lead of 2.6 million tweets vs. a little less than one million in support of #SchumerShutdown. Yesterday, both parties engaged in a smear campaign toward the other party in the second day of the shutdown. Shortly before the government came to a partial halt, it […]

Government Shutdown, Authored by Stephen Miller

Lindsey Graham flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license It doesn’t take the prospect of a government shut down to figure out Senator Lindsey Graham. He’s that Republican Senator from South Carolina. I like his teeth for some reason. Anyway, Graham has had an odd relationship with the President leading up to their current blossoming friendship. During Trump’s campaign, he referred to Trump as a “xenophobic, race-baiting religious bigot.” But Graham has openly acquiesced to Trump winning the 2016 election. “I ran out of things to say. He won,” is essentially the Senator’s position. It […]

Lindsey Graham’s Evolution

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017 by Michael Vadon flickr photo by Michael Vadon shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license It was a rainy night, shortly after his departure from Breitbart News. Bannon sat there in silence, phone in hand. “Should I call? Should I not call? What would Lincoln do?” The rain increased, hitting the windows harder with intentional ferocity, and Bannon shivered. One call could cause the whole world to come crashing down. “I should call! You’d want me to call, wouldn’t you?” Lincoln nodded and quickly looked away. Bannon dialed Trump’s cell. “Hey,” […]

Bannon and Trump’s Secret Phone Call #BannonFlipped

Donald Trump flickr photo by cornstalker shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Donald Trump’s mental fitness for office has been a lingering, vocal question since even before his inauguration. He has railed against perceptions of his incompetence for as long as the question has been alive. Yesterday, details of Trump’s mental and physical status were released, with a medical professional standing on a podium to give it credence. While it would seem counterproductive to stoke public opinion about your cognitive impairment, and even though I don’t think Trump deliberately perpetuates the narrative of incompetence, considering he requested a cognitive […]

Trump’s Incompetence as Political Maneuvering

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking at an AFL-CIO event flickr photo by Kheel Center, Cornell University Library shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license President Donald Trump trampled into the world of language yet again by saying a vague category of non-white countries are “shitholes.” This isn’t surprising language from the POTUS, since it continues a very noticeable pattern that followed Trump from well before the campaign trail and into the White House. Incendiary language is now a staple of this administration a year in, but there is also another element of racism that I would like to explore. […]

Racism Denial as an Expression of Power

If you’re even mildly engaged in the outside world, and are living in the US of A, you are already very familiar with the tendency of the media to compare President Donald Trump with the mythical unicorn of anti-democratic values, Richard Milhouse Nixon. To be honest, I view it as a very black and white comparison. Far from being just “Mr. Watergate,” Richard Nixon, like most people with a career, had other things that defined him. Nixon eventually pulled America out of the Vietnam War. The process of ending the conflict took five years, so any associations you might have […]

Richard Nixon’s Long Shadow

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Well, I commented yesterday on Trump’s “shithole” comment. Not much new there, honestly. In many ways, the repetitious displays of racism radiating from the White House make consistent insightful analysis difficult. Decided to watch Don Lemon’s show last night, just to catch up on different opinions. Some toad-lookin’ fella thought it was a good idea to parrot the “It’s all about the economy!” line. We’ve heard this view before, that trump supporters’ real motivation stems from their collective concern about economic prosperity and the jobs flowing […]

Racism and the Economic Hoodwink

Trump flickr photo by IoSonoUnaFotoCamera shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Or at least, you should think of it as one. During a meeting with House members and Senators on Thursday, President Trump referred to certain countries as “shitholes.” What really boggles the mind at this point is that many outlets are portraying the language as shocking. It makes you wonder what is the correct response. Do we keep defining Trump’s comments as devastatingly surprising, which only appears to fuel the support of his delusional base while framing him with a peculiar mystique? Throughout 2017, Trump was consistently called […]

Trump’s “Shithole” Remark is a Time Machine