The Bedlands, Part 3

“The strip” was a curiosity of the bedlands, it was lined with abandoned military installations, and as a consequence radiated mystery and danger.  Sebastian was driving silently, out of respect.  Tabitha never feared this place, but she always appreciated the silence it delivered to her mobile home.  She would gladly take steel monoliths over the bones of dead reptile gods.

As they passed the last of the installations, Sebastian sprung to life, giving her an affable smile.

“You know, I have to admit, I respect the hell outta that place, the strip I mean, but it scares the shit outta me.”

“Yep, I know.  You’ve said that before.  I thought about it well before you said anything.  Guess that makes me a psychic, huh?”

Sebastian looked over at Tabitha in anger, but didn’t say anything.  She was accurate with her pistol, and there was no way to deny that without putting your life in jeopardy.  She was concentrating on the sunset, which was currently in its 300th day.

“The night will come soon, in another day or two, and then you’ll see I’m right about some things.”

They were faced with a flat patch of desert.  There was nothing except cacti and dunes for miles.  Maybe the odd rattlesnake eating a titmouse.  Sebastian glanced over at Tabitha right before he crashed the buggy into a steel wall.

“Dammit, Sebastian,” Tabitha said before passing out.  She wanted to say “fuck you” but didn’t have the strength nor the awareness to do so.  Let the old man dance on his victory, his moment will come.

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