Everything Changed, Part 4

The living room felt electrical and hazy. An old woman was standing in front of the sink, washing a chicken with comet and giving her horrible looks. The woman was pale, with the red cross symbol tattooed on her forehead.

She couldn’t look away from the old woman, thinking that the chicken cleaner was a malicious force. It didn’t help that the sound of a tire being stripped clean was playing over and over again in the background like a broken record. This couldn’t be real. But the woman came closer, and she realized that the woman wasn’t malicious, but very disoriented. The woman approached slowly,  eyes being emptied out with each step, like it was moving day and a new life was on the horizon. Heaven came crashing down and she woke up again, wondering if the sky had become darker and to what degree.

An old storage room greeted her. Armed people stood with their backs immobile. She felt safety envelope her as the sting of the needle released the vaccine into hardening veins. Clarity was offered, but fear too. What did the armed people want? Not only that, but the clock just started ticking a couple of seconds ago.

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