The executive branch

The evening is about to expire
Props are being taken down
He doesn’t know what to say except
“No one is stomping on the floor that is your ceiling”

The waters take in the sunset, a little wary
At all the transitions
Not one, nor two, nor three, nor four
But in this new land counting doesn’t matter
A waste of brain space
The sunset sure is pretty
Look at the beautiful dying rays cascading onto Lincoln’s face
Now look at the stunning river. Quite beautiful. Mesmerizing.
We’ve created it so be grateful!
Look at how the bushes sway in the breeze
What did we say about counting?
The marble steps will be installed this year
Don’t count them, you’ll get dizzy

Don’t forget to count your eyes, though
Both of them, and that of your entourage
As you marvel at the opulence
Your tax dollars benefit your eyes
As you traverse the waters
Or look upon those devil heads that peddle falseness in all its splendor
Or think about the TPP as you fall asleep
Or a wall that doesn’t go beyond what you thought that day

And hey, don’t forget these microphones
They were made in america by automatons

Vote 2020 for caskets made in USA

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