So much going on there
Too soon to go back
To the pressures, the grind
The dull walls of the present

This is much better
Green mixes with dead leaves
A celestial grey hat goes on forever
But the neighborhood does too
Constantly changing but retaining the same shape
The people smile and nod, offering candy and oblong cakes
It wasn’t Halloween either, your neighbor just did that back then

The holiday for grinning beasts was coming up, though
And the possibilities for it stretched on, like the gray hat with robust clouds
Hollowed out pumpkins waited to be filled with substance again
Some temporary flickering light
Or a flaming bag of poop

Wasn’t time for that yet
Just a few more weeks before all hell would take the earth back
Until then
At least that corpse-colored sheet above was a portent of nature
Letting its hair down


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