It was settled, then

He could see them through the door
Sitting and laughing
Not even anticipating him
But he was anticipating them
With a nervous light
A palpable energy

The teacher threw her head back, laughing with the rest of them
He tried to conjure images of a more pleasant occasion
Kicking a football off a water tower at night
Hearing his friends laugh and watching as the bright beams
From flashlights bounced around with aplomb
Then the nervous energy invaded the sweet night in question
A brilliant, nausea inducing sphere radiated blinding white
The night was over
His friends scattered
The football laid there, deflated

Maybe if he just stayed
Atop the water tower
Glancing at the white sphere and waiting for an eclipse
This unpleasantness would pass
It was settled
He would do that

The classroom was fading fast
The solution was so simple it was brilliant
Definitely eclipsing the sphere that had taken over everything


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