An hour before nightfall

Another spy fell through a cloud
Wondering where her next meal would come from
And if the moon and stars would break her fall
Apparently not

So many murmurs to follow
As if they were diseases to be hunted down
Their rise to power etched in the foreheads
Of the well-off
But they wouldn’t admit it
Too much at stake

An oil baron was chugging coffee at the local cafe
He did so with apparent abandon
Unaware of the pathogen racing through his veins
This was real
Something to be remembered

She would warn him, then extract payment for a debt
The door opened silently with a mere brush
A dimwitted, contemptuous gleam from the old man
Then he exploded into a cloud of red
Never to be heard from again

Oh well, she thought
There were other old men
Other diseased to follow
Night would come soon
And he would be scrubbed from stainless steel surfaces


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