To Blog Or Not to Blog, part 2

The Perfect Keyboard

It’s strange but true. When blogging, the perfect keyboard can make all the difference. I like it when the keys give off a certain “punch” when you press on them. Keys feel nice and smooth too.

The “WASD” and directional keys are a nice dark red while the rest are black. The keyboard also sports slick volume and play/pause controls. With the press of a button, I can perform a google search. I’m not playing god here, just enjoying the fruits of technology.

Finally, there’s a little decline at the bottom of the keyboard that practically begs for my hands to rest on it. Truly a spectacular keyboard. It’s been chugging along for years, and I just re-discovered the simple pleasures of noisy keys and a one-button search feature.

I’m liking this blogging thing. I’m raffling off sentences that at the end of the day don’t have a real point to them. If there is a point, I guess it’s that a well-designed keyboard can be the thin dividing line between productivity and stagnation. No joke. Get a good keyboard. I won’t suggest a particular brand, because in this day and age appearing biased hurts your credibility.

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