To Blog or Not to Blog

Or, specifically, to blog or not to blog about a particular topic. In other words, in this fast-paced and hectic world, what do you blog about? The goal is to reach a fairly sizable audience to some degree while maintaining authenticity. There are just so many topics to consider writing about though. Here are a couple of topics I’m considering.

  • Writing

Writing’s a good egg. Always has been. However, it feels a little too free-floating. I can see myself writing in nearly any genre (hell, even romance and its hillbilly cousin, vampire romance). But that’s the problem. Anything goesThat seems true of nearly any subject, but writing always brings nearly endless creativity to me. The disadvantage to that is how to properly sort good ideas from bad ideas? Regardless of that difficulty, they

  • Medicine

Here’s another broad topic that inspires creativity. It encompasses everything from the mind and the body, blurring the unnecessary distinction between the two. Medicine is really fascinating and has many, many branches. One moment you can be researching the underpinnings of neuroscience, the other you can be delving into endocrinology. Also don’t forget the cliche “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” What I find interesting is the sheer variability found in human genetics. The field of medicine is forced to grapple with the indomitable concept of human variability. Treatment is becoming more and more individualized. Not only that, but options for who is treating you are expanding.

  • Politics

What can I say about an old and beaten horse? It’s still kickin’ What’s interesting is that, if you pay attention, historical analogies muddle the picture even if they offer grains of truth. And you can’t discuss politics without dabbling in history.

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