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Boy. This is a tough one. ¬†What helps with sustaining motivation to write for your blog? I find it has very little to do with a personal philosophy. “Just do it for fun. Do it to explore your interests and maybe gain some contacts along the way.” Sure, it’s a suitable enough premise. More than that though? I find it’s the habit itself that propels you to be productive. You find it has become a habit when you don’t have access to make a post, etc. Like any habit, it will sustain itself with very little conscious effort on your […]

Blogging and the Key to Motivation

He was a man against time Fiddling with hands that weren’t his Now the clock says “all hands of board” So the ship points to waters twinkling like crystals But the crystals weren’t of the highest quality The ship sails counter-clockwise Then clockwise A historic clock seemed ready to burst To spill its guts Just wait for that last fat gear It’s of excellent craftsmanship Simply beyond reproach  

Donald Trump, A Man Against Time

He watches the garden through his window Thanking the neighbor girl for spotted dough Now is a time for reflection To understand the flow of time To assimilate the mind with a broader human nature He was calm in the moment Toying with the overdone circle Quietly devouring chocolate Careful not to make a scene The garden swayed obediently Amusing the former director The tomatoes were hyper-vigiliant They even quivered between their metal holders Wondering when fatigue would set in “They will make fine ingredients some day” Comey thought “They have to develop just a little bit more” ” So […]

Mr. Comey

Is it worth it to have more than one blog? There’s a common refrain that says that splitting your resources doubles your chances of winning. In the blogoverse though, is that often the case? Juggling even just two blogs will challenge your reserves of discipline, for one thing. You’ll have to constantly be vigilant that your second blog is getting an adequate amount of attention to justify its existence. If you have two blogs, one will always be subservient to the other While you can combat this tendency by being vigilant that you post in either blog an equal amount, […]

Blogging and Splitting Your Resources