Blogging and Splitting Your Resources

Is it worth it to have more than one blog?

There’s a common refrain that says that splitting your resources doubles your chances of winning. In the blogoverse though, is that often the case? Juggling even just two blogs will challenge your reserves of discipline, for one thing. You’ll have to constantly be vigilant that your second blog is getting an adequate amount of attention to justify its existence.

If you have two blogs, one will always be subservient to the other

While you can combat this tendency by being vigilant that you post in either blog an equal amount, there is still that tendency to focus more on one of your blogs. It could be that you are naturally more interested in one topic than the other, or that you feel like one topic is more deserving of the loving care that only you can provide because of its popularity, potential, or some other factor.

However, that doesn’t mean that having two blogs is out of the question. Rather than fight this inclination to prioritize one blog over the other, be conscious of it and strategize around it. If one blog doesn’t hold your interest as much, simply resign yourself to posting in it at least once a week.

Different blogs, different purposes

Which leads to the next point. Your “secondary blog” doesn’t need to reach the amount of success you’re striving for. Instead, it can simply serve as a means to refresh your mind and prevent repetition (which, obviously, kills creativity).

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