Obama and the Benghazi Affair

It sounds much more dramatic and steeped in history when I put it that way, right? But the Obama administration was embroiled in its own scandal, which eventually led to a damning report by Republicans.  The report criticized the US government’s military response to its diplomatic compound in Benghazi Libya being attacked.  Since Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State during these events, her competence, as well as that of the Obama administration, was put into question. As far as I’ve understood, there was controversy over the initial narrative given by the Obama administration, that the attacks were spontaneous in nature.

What is interesting is that on Sept. 9, U.S. officials were warned by Libyans that it would behoove the Americans to remove themselves from Benghazi. Days later, the attacks occurred. This caused plenty of political grief for Obama’s administration and for Hillary. However, Hillary went so far as to say that the results of the probe were “discredited conspiracy theories.”

Why am I bringing this up now? Well, sloppy historical analogies aside, it paints a picture of scandals easily forgotten that might conveniently surface in order to point out partisan hypocrisy. Even though both the Obama and Trump scandals concerned themselves with foreign entities, they are concerned with vastly different spheres of governmental failure. The former seems concerned with military incompetence followed by administrative cover-up via spinning of narrative (that the attacks were spontaneous rather than pre-meditated). The latter involves possible collusion with another government for personal gain (there is also the tenuous link to potentially disrupting the U.S. democratic process).

I’d like to delve more into the subject. But these are just preliminary thoughts.


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