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Following hot on the heels of this post, I’m going through some of my older posts to uncover some buried gems. I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months, but when I re-read some older posts it seems like years ago (“The Politics Effect?”). Anyway, enough of my pontificating. Cosmic Record Keeping The Sun Made a Promise Patterns of the Sand and the Sea Even press secretaries need love He trips. He soars. Pure ‘N Salty An Arid Man  

Poetry and Amnesia

Blogging feels like “sending products down an assembly line” sometimes. A post has to be similar enough to what came before. Which makes sense for the readers. And it’s not like this is particularly insightful. I’ve written about this before.  But it’s a recurring theme that I find a little frustrating. Sometime frustration with a structure begets that structure. Vigilance towards a pattern can heighten it. “A man who says the same thing twice turns himself into a broken record.”  

Blogs and Capitalist Packaging

A Wasteland President, Part 5 Everything was dark and choked with dust. Donald couldn’t feel where his elbow ended and his tweeting finger began. He groped frantically through the cloud of dust and grabbed something soft. It was a hand. “Easy there, Donald.” Donald grunted and had to be pulled to his feet. When the dust cleared, he recognized the face of Michelle Obama. “Michelle! Lovely to see you again, that’s a tasteful broach.” “I’m not wearing a broach.” “Oh.” An intense silence followed, magnified by the Secret Service agents surrounding her. “Are you alright, Donald?” “Yeah. Just wondering why […]

A Wasteland President, Part 5

“One hundred years?!” Trump repeated himself, fiddling in his pocket for a handkerchief to soak up his forehead sweat. “Looking for your cellphone?” Trump nodded, looking so wronged and so young. “Good news is I have your cellphone!” Trump’s eyes twinkled. “Bad news is it’s practically worthless! AzureStar no longer has employees.” Trump lurched forward. “I’ll talk to ’em. I’ll talk to the CEO.  We’ll create jobs and get out of this mess!” “No one cares about jobs, anymore, Donald. Look around you!” Donald looked around him. One of the orcs was giving him the fish eye. “Could use better […]

A Wasteland President, Part 4