Paris Climate Deal-A Trial For the Ages

Division in the white palace wants to tear it asunder, breaking from light-laced Paris and its climate accord, like an ice floe.

Words of caution go in one ear, and fall out the other. But who picks up the shattered pieces? Rex “Rexald” Tillerson? Scott “I don’t understand how trees work” Pruitt? Surely a fire-skinned Bannon, the master of safety nets, has a plan that is beneficial for all involved?

Donald “Mr. President” Trump has to choose which end of the fork is best, reduce a promise, or remove from it completely. In a way, the theme presented here is familiar enough to him. The Paris Accord is a very bendable Olive Branch, so why not twist it into a shape palatable to all?

More importantly, whatever you do, don’t you ever, I mean EVER, refer to it as climate change.

Behind the flash of this current deal, you see another example of language being contorted or removed, with climate change the latest casualty, that and “clean energy” are being all but expunged from the language usage of some of the agencies dealing with environmental and energy regulations. What better way to change political language by smothering old terms? What better way to let the US fall behind 190 other countries?



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