Nigel Farage, Person of Interest, Man Without A Country, Confused Little Boy With a Target on His Back?

Nigel Farage, Chief Officer of the Brexit fiasco, is now being labeled a “person of interest” by the FBI regarding the investigation into Trump campaign’s links with the K-K-Kremlin.

Did Nigel collude with members of Trump’s campaign as well as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

Farage, current “man of the hour,” is not at the moment being hanged by the FBI, but he could be in severe trouble down the line. He is not being labeled as a “target” but is “person of interest” any better? Probably not. I mean, I don’t think so. But I could be wrong.

“Sources say” that Farage’s proximity to other persons of interest damned him in the eyes of the FBI. He was in the throbbing center of the storm, and it doesn’t seem the clouds over his head have yet cleared. The FBI is smart enough to follow the chain of events and people to their natural conclusions.


(Note The Chain below)

Farage>Robert Stone (Trump’s political adviser)>Guccifer 2.0(hacker for Kremlin).




Also, putting Guccifer 2.0 aside for just a minute, Farage was silent on some very important questions, such as:

Was he aware of the inquiry into his potential criminal connections?>Does he have a lawyer already chomping at the bit?>Did he meet Trump during a moody, candle-lit yacht dinner? These are all important questions, whether or not the FBI will cut to the core truth behind their infinite curiosity remains to be seen.

On that note, time to make breakfast. Maybe I could have what Farage is eating? Regret and a nails-biting, handshake-laden race against time? Nah, I’ll stick with omelette.

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