Bill Cosby Trial “A Star Was Born”

In the hallowed halls of the law
Proceedings pushed justice forward
However blind or odorous
Or tainted by a sea of stars

“As infinite as the universe,” a juror said
“Praise be to the stars,” uttered a robed giant
“I need to be excused for biological reasons”
The lines were many and proliferated in darkness

Dr. Huxtable took the stand
Wary of reputation
And his comet’s fading tail

His accusers followed the comet
Becoming celestial bodies in their own right
But not by their own volition of course
Although they would be tarnished later
As accusations of conscious stardom
Rose from mud pits

Bill Cosby conceded half of his face
To the venerated Dr. Huxtable
The good doctor who had no panacea

Stars were swirling
Trying to rise from the abyss
To reach the oasis of objectivity

The law had its own nature
Sustaining itself from the eyes outside of it


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