Broken Dreams and Pork Chop sandwiches

Another day. Another get-rich-quick-scheme. Been putzing around the internet for hours now. It’s raining, or at least pretending to. The world is crashing down, and I couldn’t figure out how to not end that sentence in a preposition.

I’m thinking about making Pork Chop sandwiches with lettuce, mayo, and broken dreams. I wonder what’s out there for me, beyond the immediate gratification of Pork Chop sandwiches. I know I’m an entrepreneur at heart, preferring immediate fantasies to the excruciating execution of long-term planning.

I’m very much hungry, and would like those sandwiches now. But something tells me that I should stay the course and finish what I started. I’ve been hungry for hours, but this isn’t the time to placate petty hunger. No. This is the time for action. To stand up for what’s right and what’s grueling. To sit on a mildly comfortable couch and type about the blisteringly torturous denial of impulses.

Alright. That’s good enough. I’m done.

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