Something Else

Another space odyssey
He was floating between gaseous bodies
Which continued forever
Was this the after place?
Or something else?
Something more sinister?

Well those spheres turned into human faces
Just in time to be glimpsed by an all-seeing eye
He tried to re-wind them
To see those silent films
In perfect detail
But they refused to rewind themselves
To devolve to the beginning stages

So he, the universe’s plaything, flew into the heart of a random sphere
He landed on an old man’s face
Seeing the profound deepness of wrinkles and dead skin cells
Breath in, breath out
The world seemed to be living too
It made sense
Because his journey took place on an old man’s face

And while the world was coherent and understandable
He realized he wasn’t
And so he fell into a wrinkle
Not of time
But of sheer fleshy indignation

He would sleep for awhile
Until a better emotion came along


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