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He was an ethical gent with a beard She, the sentinel of the wagon’s interior They both had important jobs This trail was deadly It could turn into the gates of heaven in the blink of eye She looked upon his beard lovingly He stroked it thoughtfully They were mindful of various diseases And the unpleasant dead ends life could create The lil’ sprouts swayed in the back of the wagon Laughing with a sense of purpose He combed his fingers through a trail of grey hair She reprimanded those that swayed Everything seemed to be going well Then she […]

The Ol’ Wagon

Apparently, you can use the like button too frequently. Strange. I wasn’t aware there was a cap. I understand that cuts down on spam, but as another blogger said, I go through spurts of both reading and interacting…which I guess some might deem as “spamming.” Anyway, maybe “objectively” I clicked the button too quickly and repeatedly, but I’m still a person. Worthy of respect and having his “like” button back. Admittedly, I might have gotten a little crazy with it, but unless you set a clear limit on something, I’m probably going to exceed it. It’s what it means to […]

All of a sudden, his life changed…