Scarcity is a Virtue

Hey all, sorry I’ve been AWOL the last several days. I’ve been visiting my ancestral estate (and by “ancestral” I mean purchased a few months ago). It’s incredibly serene here, with the trees, the silvery sky, the lush grass, and even turkeys who’ll be joyous until November.

There have been so many events lately to drape a surreal curtain over, the G-20 summit, Trump Jr, Bernie Sanders and the hidden, seedy underbelly of Vermont. 74 words in and I’m already feeling intimidated!

I haven’t even mentioned James Comey yet, oh wait I just did. He’s emerging again from his pile of memos, that great full-breasted matyr of democracy.

Anyway, all that being said, I’ll be back on the 12th, ready to put finger to key.

*waves like the Queen of England, then majestically disappears being a rock*

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