The Trump Administration and “Perceived Magnanimity”

So, our pity-inspiring attorney general has been in the news again. This time for re-purposing the Justice Department’s civil rights division for the grueling task of discriminating against affirmative action. This, along with the trump Administration’s decision to support a GOP bill aiming to reduce legal immigration by half seems to have brought his base to a riotous, happy froth. To the trump supporter, such moves seem altruistic.

Since I enjoy frequent exercises in futility, I’ve been thinking of ways to gum up the frothy mind of the trump supporter. They rely on outlets that spin this white nationalistic agenda into economic gold. But I dunno. The best idea I’ve had so far is to compare his supposed “immigration/economic” legislative agenda–which for some odd reason seems altruistic to his base–with other attempts at signing into law…things…that aren’t billed as boosters to economy/jobs? (good luck with that)

Even the medical malpractice cap bill recently passed by the house has been advertised as being one thing that will indirectly make healthcare cheaper, even though it hasn’t demonstrated its ability to do that. Seems to me the obvious way to interpret this bill is to see it as an attempt by special interest groups to shore up profits rather than look out for the needs of the american public. This can’t be economic gold. I refuse to see it that way. It’s tainted silver at best.

If the legislation constantly being pushed is harmful to a disadvantaged group of people, which includes his supporters, it seems plausible to ask the question that–even though trump’s base is protected for now, who is to say that once immigrants have suffered incredibly under his wing, that he won’t attempt to move that crosshair of suffering to the white nationalists that have supported him?

In other words, if immigrants are despised and disparaged by the sprawling executive branch alongside a Republican Congress doing everything it can to push a very “high-minded” business agenda, it’s only a matter of time before trump supporters share a similar fate. If the trump administration cared about the welfare of the “forgotten minority” then why all the veiled attempts at brushing “the little guy” aside?

From the repeated, draconian attempts at overhauling healthcare, medical malpractice, and labor laws that will not in any way benefit the laborer, things aren’t looking up.

“I care about you when you are juxtaposed with a non-white person, but in all other instances you’ll be shoved off a cliff, and you’ll thank me for it.”


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