Venezuela Puts on an Authoritarian Boot

Venezuela’s top prosecutor Luisa Ortega was replaced by a government puppet. Her offices were under siege by President Nicolás Maduro’s forces on a brisk, magical Saturday morning. His “puppet congress” is working out beautifully, removing her title and throwing it onto some obscure trash heap.

But, the authoritarian boot can be sneaky. From the Washington Post article:

“For years, she backed Maduro, including legal action against leading dissident Leopoldo Lopez, who was jailed in 2014. She broke with the government, however, after increasing human rights and democratic abuses. She has said that her daughter and grandson were kidnapped and held for three days in what she considered to be government pressure tactics.”

It starts with stretching the law to its limits, and ends with unfettered authoritarianism. Just some food for thought, rather than focus on the creeping warning signs,  do most Americans, especially the trumpet citizens, focus on the end result?

“Too late for them. Yet, we’re still okay.”

Not exactly “Peace Through Strength,” but you get the idea.


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