Regarding Charlottesville: President Trump is a Coward

White nationalists decided that violence and death was the right answer in Charlottesville yesterday. After a tumultuous rally was broken up, a vehicle sliced through crowds at a pedestrian mall, leaving a 32-year-old woman dead. According to the New York Times, at least 34 were injured.

To add insult to tragedy, President Trump, perpetual coward, denounced the violence “on many, many sides.”

David Duke took a vile stand on Twitter, as if he were parting the Red Sea, to say that white voters put him where he is, not radical leftists. You know, you’d think that with Trump’s penchant for narcissistic injury he would go after someone challenging the executive branch. But nope.

Is David Duke the puppeteer to the Trump presidency? He’d certainly like to think so. Donald J. Trump has yet to prove him wrong.

Because of Trump’s flame-splitting vitriol on the campaign trail and subsequent pathological cowardice, he is complicit in Charlottesville and any white supremacist-inspired violence that follows.

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