Trump’s Whining about the Removal of Confederate Statues

Trump bemoaned the removal of Confederate statues from various US cities, saying that those actions will dismantle US History and Culture. What’s wrong with erasing paragons of bigotry? History doesn’t justify losers (racists).

As if to strengthen his stance, he likens Stonewall Jackson to the Founding Fathers. In essence, he is using that conveniently venerated history to justify the current vehemently racist climate. The far right seems to say “We invoke history when we wish to do so.” Just wait ’til next week. Trump will bash Washington, throwing him into a grave without hope of reprieve (unless he is needed again).

Note that he’s playing the victim on behalf of his constituents, but also for himself. But this perpetual victimhood can’t obscure an interesting contradiction. When has Trump cared about the preservation of the environment or that of US History? I’m waiting for the inevitable clash. What happens when a strip mall needs to be built where a Confederate statue stands?

Trump also uses the pathetic excuse that his “both sides” statement was misinterpreted. Not really. In fact, it was interpreted correctly by many people. It doesn’t seem even remotely defensible to suggest that white supremacy and the death of a protestor are morally equivalent. When you force an equivalence in an atmosphere you’ve opposed (quite strongly, with deep, deep racist overtones), you are essentially condoning racism and hate-laced ideology. You know it. And rather than clear up that “misinterpretation” (which doesn’t exist), he simply repeats that he has been misinterpreted to obscure that fact. Repetition is the enemy of context.

In the wake of happened in Charlottesville, President Trump is deepening his political hole. Will the bigots lend a helping hand?

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