Trump Supporters “A Man Who Can Do No Wrong” 4

Apparently, Trump supporters believe that their go-to guy isn’t capable of a wrongful action. Charlottesville might indeed be the catalyst for his ascent, or maybe the catalyst was a single explosive tweet during the campaign trail. Hard to say.

But, if he can’t commit a wrong, why not fire Bannon? Seems like he is terribly insecure about his position without the white nationalist as chief strategist. We see here that Trump’s success is intimately intertwined with the rhetoric of white nationalist fire. Seems that as long as Trump sticks to being the champion for the alt-right, he will be able to avoid scrutiny from his base. The cardinal rule is that as long as that hateful political ideology is adhered to, his followers will construct narratives that justify all other actions. Bannon might be dispensed with at some point, or it could be that Bannon will manipulate Trump’s political insecurities to maintain his position. Bannon isn’t need. That’s the scary part. Was he ever?

It’s my belief that he secured his following on the campaign trail. His behavior could’ve strayed drastically from that polluted road, and the base would’ve remained intact. To me, it is clear that Trump’s followers have been living in a fantasy land. The only question is, for how long? To them, that presidential, winding road was all they needed. Words gave them security. Everything else be damned. Even if those words were taken away now, the magical figurehead sleeps soundly.

Don’t know what to say. It’s a little sad, honestly. All that buyer’s remorse in the world doesn’t matter. The “Art of the Deal”  author expressed his remorse about complicity. It could be that remorse is too little, too late, too easily washed away.

Is there any turning back?



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