Bannon The Barber is Back!

That didn’t take long, in more ways that one. Mere minutes after the Trumpian speech concerning a revised Afghanistan strategy finished echoing through the hallowed halls of CNN and Fox News, Breitbart launched verbal diarrhea at its former hero. This is what happens when fine and empty promises collide with political reality. Or when military veterans are forced to play diplomats.

Breitbart described the change in policy as a “flip-flop” while comparing it to Obama’s Afghanistan strategy. The outlet also claimed that Trump announced “tweaks around the edges of the current strategy instead of a different approach” and that “this was Obama’s speech minus the deadline and details.”

Seems like Breitbart’s coverage of Trump was meant to frustrate him into changing course, while irking White House rivals that Bannon left behind, such as national security advisor H.R. McMaster.

What happens when a former Chief Strategist returns to his media cave to “rip the President a new one”? Anybody’s guess. The next several weeks will tell whether or not the head Bannon-ite will still be influencing domestic and foreign policy by sounding the Breitbart Trumpet.

Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. See. This administration has me gaslighting myself. Unfortunately for them, I enjoy that kind of thing. While the Baron of Breitbart has fled the White House, the testing of his influence won’t necessarily be a straightforward affair.

“Trump has reversed his reverse, and is therefore in Bannon’s pocket” isn’t necessarily true. Nor is “Trump has a firm grip on the wheel. The President has become his own man.”

The past in the White House was defined by a rapid ebb and flow of loyalty and influence. Spicer gave way to Scaramucci. Flynn to McMaster. Comey to what’s-his-face. Bannon to nobody knows where. Will the widespread condemnation to Trump’s atrocious response to Charlottesville keep the President in the bumper lanes? Hard to say. Trump returns to the scene of the crime, aka Arizona, to give a speech. That’s the next bump in the road.

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