Trump Arizona Rally 2

Pure and unfettered Trump appeared at the long-anticipated rally in Arizona on Tuesday. Many dumb, pre-Alzheimer’s things were said. Did he “bring the nation together”? Well, he stayed in character. So much for the ousting of Stephen Bannon changing the course of a sinking ship. Some bullet points. Let’s get this over with (like ripping off a bandaid).

  • Media blamed for Charlottesville
  • Strongly hinting he would pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Threatening government shutdown to get funding for border wall
  • Terminating NAFTA

President Donald Jerry Trump clearly reinforced his initial, incredily shitty and remarkably unpresidential message concerning the atrocity in Charlottesville. Rather than admitting to having a compromised moral center by suggesting “both sides” had a hand in the violence, he blamed the media for giving hate groups a soapbox.

What Donald Jerry Trump doesn’t realize is that the initial message is the strongest. Blaming “both sides” when there is no clear moral equivalency between white supremacists and counter-protesters in his first hate speech rendered the second speech that incredibly softly condemned white supremacists/KKK/etc null and void. Well, how can something be rendered void that had no soul to begin with?

He clearly is stoking racial tensions rather than doing his best to alleviate them. He blames the media’s portrayal of Charlottesville while strongly supporting bigotry. Supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio is another thumb’s up to white supremacy and authoritarianism.

The insidious signs of authoritarianism are everywhere. From loosely respecting the law until you conveniently disrespect it to blaming the media and stoking entrenched racism. It’s all there.

Stephen “Steve” Bannon was only the lever that pulled himself. Now the lever is gone. The “main machine” remains in place.

Blame the media. Fake news. Point the finger at minority groups. Rinse, repeat. Four years down the toilet.

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