Trump has Ruined the Great American Weekend 2

It’s bad enough that we’re living under a creeping dictatorship. “Go there, do that, spill your blood.” Yeah. BAD ENOUGH, I say! What could be worse? Well, for starters, I believe Trump is solely responsible for ruining the great “American weekend.”

You just can’t enjoy your weekends anymore. Not in their entirety, anyway. We’re all concerned with the next news dump, the next shit-storm we think will put the nail in the coffin of the American weekend. Wait no longer. It’s dead, and Trump killed it.

No more lazy afternoons on the porch contemplating my own mortality. No more lazily drumming my steering wheel with my fingers waiting for my order. No more not caring about anything.

This dude really pissed me off. I hope a fiery 2020 electorate knocks him off his perch, sending the Hotel baron and his incendiary followers back to the dark pit from whence they came.

But I can’t guarantee that. This dumb fucker might be a two-term president.

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