Trump, Chuck and Nancy, and DACA

Bipartisanship isn’t dead. It’s kicking like a drugged, half-dead horse. After Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi declared that a deal had been stuck with Donald Trump during a “chinese food and chocolate pie dinner,” Donald Trump refuted that claim via tweet.


The one consistent theme here is that Ol’ Donald waffles on various issues, except on immigration. He’s been very consistently punishing to non-white immigrants of all stripes (maybe if they had been Christians, this deal would’ve been struck already). Seems like he’s received indigestion from his base, even Sean Hannity has weighed in.


It’s very likely Donald will crumble under the conservative pressure to not seal the deal (unless THE WALL is built). Let’s hope the crumbling-statue-in-chief reverses the pattern. Wow. That sounded incredibly naive. Another consistent pattern is that when you hope the President will act ethically, he will inevitably let you down. Refer to Charlottesville. Or with pardoning Arpaio and white supremacy.  Or, fuck, when he chose to end DACA!

Let’s also not forget that the President has severely stoked the anti-immigrant sentiments that are rife in the US. It’s important to have a sense of history here, however recent.

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