Trump and and the Revitalization of Racism 2

Trump has revitalized the Charlottesville controversy by saying that “both sides” are to blame. Seems like he’s blazing a trail of lug-headed, racist, irredeemable controversy. He is stirring racists to action. He’d rather target Antifa than entrenched white supremacy. This obviously was set up before he signed the resolution condemning racists.

Look. It’s very clear what side Trump is on. He’d rather stir conflict than deal with things authentically. I don’t buy his bullshit for a second, and if his supporters were smart, they’d realize they’re being hoodwinked. It’s very easy to open the backdoor of racism, and say that you are putting “Americans first.” This means that Trump doesn’t need to focus on rubbing corporate shoulders the wrong way (or if he does, it’s in ways that are somewhat acceptable compared to the alternatives).

Most importantly, Trump is fueling hate crimes. He’s an institution unto himself, and that is incredibly dangerous.

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