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So, in my last post, I rambled about wanting to start a new blog, and then rambled some more about which topic I should blog about. There are just so many options. I really want to start another politics blog, but am afraid the market might be saturated with that kind of thing, or maybe I just haven’t found an interesting angle for it yet.

The list for topics looks something like this:


  • Politics
  • A blog about blogging (a little generic, imo)
  • Psychology (interesting, a pet preoccupation throughout the years)
  • Country Livin’
  • Television Review site
  • Fiction writing


While I’m also partial to the idea of a blog about fiction writing, I’m not sure that’s the most pragmatic way to go, because of SEO restrictions. If I did a blog about fiction writing, it would be for the purpose of fiction itself, not waxing about the process behind it (for some reason, though, the latter would be more successful). A blog with pieces of fiction also doesn’t make much sense from an SEO perspective. Really caught between the artistic side of things and running a decent business-oriented site.

Basically, I’m indecisive. Psychology could be interesting, but it’s also a very broad field, and I wouldn’t know where to start. Politics has been done to death, but that doesn’t mean it’s a completely non-viable option.

Blogging seems like a minefield of equally viable options, for the most part. Maybe for my next post, I will go back through my old content and summarize it. Might help to generate ideas.

This is an exciting but frustrating process! (and you, the reader, are coming with me whether you like it or not).


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