The “Roy Moore” round up! All fear the firebrand! 4

I wrote two blog posts earlier today on the Roy Moore “sitch-e-a-tion.” You can find them here and here. I haven’t had any big revelations since then. I don’t like Roy Moore. I like Doug Jones slightly better, but they’re both chamber pots.

Here is the existential question: What good is a pedophilic firebrand anyway? In addition to the usual moral bankruptcy of firebrands, you have perversion of another sort heaped upon it. This extremely heinous man could take the Alabama ticket and run with it with abandon on the road to hell. Not that I’m religious, but sometimes you just have to get biblical.

So, firebrands bring a corrupt compass to the highest levels of government, but then they also serve as distractions from the hard-right, pro-corporation (like, let’s squash the little guy into a puddle of goo “pro-corporation”) movement. Roy Moore is one gigantic distraction. Joy. Rapture.

Have a great day. I think I might make myself a club sandwich. Need a bit of a palate cleanser.

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4 thoughts on “The “Roy Moore” round up! All fear the firebrand!

  • rezinate

    “but sometimes you just have to get biblical.”
    Would be a step in the right direction if those claiming to be led by biblical axioms
    did so.
    If a picture speaks a thousand words the one above speaks multiples of that.

  • anne leueen

    Since I am not American I try to refrain from commenting about the current cluster of politicians in the US. However….Roy Moore….turns up to vote on election day ….riding a horse. Badly. And not just badly but I can tell by the way he hauled on the poor horse’s mouth with a sharp looking bit he is a mean rider. So for that alone I was happy he was defeated. To me it revealed a lot about him.