Doug Jones is Chosen by Alabama to be Washington’s Savior 2

Whoa, what an upset. Alabama hasn’t clutched a democratic senator to its timeless bosom since 1992. That’s a long time. However, in the equally timeless but in a different way Trump era, Mr. Doug Jones becomes so much more. Immediately after defeating anti-establishment puppet/child molester Roy Moore, Doug Jones is seen as the Angel from Alabama that will save Congress from its corrupt ways. HOLD ON JUST A SECOND! Before you dismiss me as just another crazy blogger, let me explain. I don’t necessarily agree with that perspective. Sure, I was a happy little camper when it seemed clear Doug Jones would become Alabama’s next senator, but I’m not sure he will be the “Savior of Washington” (wow, so many titles bestowed already in such a small amount of time).

Do I think Jones will become Washington’s savior? Not really. It’s a good upset, though. White-knuckled religious maniac, bigot, and molester Roy Moore is probably digging his grave even if he chooses in the end not to lie in it. Bannon is crying into an American flag. Trump? Well, I’ve not a clue. Probably drinking a diet coke or watching Fox & Friends. He’ll have to re-orient something that substitutes for a moral compass. This should be a time of reflection for the flat-headed bastard, aka POTUS. Don’t count on it.

Congratulations, Doug Jones. You’ve made history. Now go take a nap.

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2 thoughts on “Doug Jones is Chosen by Alabama to be Washington’s Savior

  • rezinate

    To be expected Trump and his puppets are in full clean up mode in the aftermath of Roy Moore’s loss in the Alabama election.
    Huckabee Sanders etal are dutifully following along behind the now bedraggled parade with broom and bucket
    while Trump predictably is casting himself as a modern day savant somewhere along the lines of Nostradamus by claiming he knew and foretold Moore’s defeat.
    If true Trump’s support demonstrates one thing and one thing only, and that is Trump is not only politically inept but woefully ignorant as well.
    The question now is whether Moore’s loss represents a mood swing that will lead to a sorely needed national Republican/Trumpism enema or merely an anomaly?
    I don’t feel as though this upset should necessarily be seen in the context of as tsunami in that direction
    but certainly encouraging and something to build on if the Dems actually get their act together.

    • dsprague85

      In some ways, Moore’s loss represents losses in Bush’s and Obama’s presidencies, with electoral victories occurring in states you wouldn’t expect, before they experienced big midterm losses. I should try and find a link for that though.

      Also important is that Jones winning Alabama is a much-needed morale boost before the midterms. I can’t say he’s the “Angel from Alabama” but it provides a somewhat rosier outlook that builds political motivation, and to be honest that’s invaluable, imo.