Fox News’ Condescension Problem

Gah! Warn me before you walk into the room and point at me like that! Son of a ****!

This is an extension of yesterday’s post, I guess. In that post, I talked about Fox News’ credibility issue, and how the reporting or whatever seems disproportionately released from scrutiny relative to the fireballs President Trump tosses across the fortress barrier at CNN. Fox News releases Trump from criticism, and the POTUS responds in kind. It’s an efficient system. It also resembles state-run media.

Fox News achieves it aims in two different ways, probably more since I don’t watch it that frequently because that activity is like getting drunk minus the pleasurable sensations.

  • Conspiracy theories

Fox News’ conspiracy theories are nothing new, from Birtherism to the Seth Rich Murder. Conspiracy theories are another tool of the authoritarian toolkit, since they refer to something larger themselves, absolved from scrutiny or any form of reality check.

  • Condescension

When you watch Fox News, especially when the program centers on a dominating male personality, you start picking up on long-term patterns. Using Bill O’Reilly as an example, he respond with phrases like “that’s horse shit!” or “what utter crap!” “a donkey dumped in a tank water has more intelligence than the person who wrote me that email.”

I’m paraphrasing of course. It’s not like I watch re-runs of that gasbag on youtube. But putting O’Reilly aside, let’s take the rising conservative star Tucker Carlson as another example. “That’s insane” is a favorite phrase of his, and when that isn’t used, interruption, the hysterical raising of voices fills the void. Fox News is very concerned with maintaining a certain style for its male personalities, which heavily relies on condescension and consistent attempts at intimidating its viewers/guests. The goal of intimidation isn’t always to inspire loathing. Among a certain demographic, that authoritarian rhetoric is highly respected.

In short, I don’t like Fox News, but I might have to watch it occasionally for “research.” Oh well, there are worse lives to live.

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