Please Stand By

Unfortunately, I can’t write a long message today, I’m off to the movies! (PT Barnum).

Some quick “headlines”

  • Roy Moore is still at it. He hopes to postpone the certification of the election results. Relentless predator business model. You almost wonder if he plans to run for President in 2020. Would Roy Moore represent the evolution of Trumpism?


  • Trump’s ferocious legal squad has plans to discredit former national security adviser Micheal Flynn. Not an unpredictable move by the Trump team. Discrediting the other party is normal procedure.


Overall, seems like a fairly boring day in politics land. Wish I could expand on these points a bit. The Roy Moore story seems inconsequential, but his eerie stubbornness doesn’t bode well for the future political landscape. The Trump team seems to be switching to stealth mode, just as aggressive but much more sneaky.

On that note, let’s all get prepared to ring in the New Year!

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