President Trump and the Calm Before the 2018 Storm. 5

It’s official, President Trump is worried about the 2018 midterms. So much so that changes within the White House are imminent. Johnny DeStefano, already a part of the White House staff, as well as a seasoned Washington Insider, will be given the reins over four West Wing Offices.

As if that weren’t enough, the White House is pursuing another political strategist. The Alabama Senate race proved to be doubly embarrassing, because his endorsing candidates in the primary and general elections failed to produce results. Roy Moore might still refuse to concede, but a failure in politics is heard a thousand times over, in this age of incredible desperation to cling to the past. If nothing else, Trump has proved himself susceptible to humiliation, maybe the most primitive of human emotions.

Look, I get it. A hairy nectarine doesn’t want to be impeached. But will Trump’s efforts be enough? It’s hard to decide, but there are two sides to the coin here. The president seems to be less incendiary via tweet lately, or at least not as prolific? Or maybe we’re all getting used to it. If the “calm before the storm” strategy is able to sustain itself, then the trademarked American Apathy could slink out of the darkness, only to collapse onto the street. I guess I’m just trying to say voter complacency isn’t dead yet. A fiery Trump invigorates his base while energizing the Democrats in a different way. A less fiery Trump might cause some Republicans to defect, but also give many Democrats a reason to stay home on voting night.

It’s easy to maintain voter angst via sustained populist flame-throwing. What happens when it’s tempered, at least just enough for the angst to die down just a little? Many of Trump’s supporters are more than content with what he has accomplished, even if it isn’t legislative. For instance, POTUS has practically heaved his nominees at the federal courts. Not to mention, he’s certainly made life much harder for immigrants, no matter the category he tries to place them in.

So, we have the significant altering of the federal courts. His deplorable treatment of anyone non-white. What else? Gee, I’m almost out of material. The business world loves him. Racists, too. Surely, that’s it? Nope. Gun Nuts can’t get enough of the nectarine. Evangelicals are still stoked about their new cult leader. Trump alarm clocks. Trump bookmarks to keep their favorite Bible passage on hand. It’s a whole industry.

Point being, any mildly astute Republican is going to think what he is doing is better than what any liberal president would accomplish. Even for the non-astute ones, a diminished flame-thrower is better than nothing. Evangelicals are ecstatic, this is the closest they’ll get to earthly paradise. Business leaders don’t care about boom and bust. All they see is the boom. Trump gives them the boom.

Democrats? They are riled up now, for good reason. Will they be able to keep the flame of anger alive long enough to vote in 2018? Again, it’s hard to say. Many of them chose to stay home when they could’ve chosen to do otherwise. Liberal complacency was alive and well then, occupying a glorious golden age. It might be simmering now, but it’s waiting to be ignited again. That’s the dream, I’m guessing. To lie on a hammock and not have to worry about politics.






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5 thoughts on “President Trump and the Calm Before the 2018 Storm.

  • anne leueen

    For the past few days I have been driving from Ontario south to Florida and have been listening to NPR’s 2017 roundup programs with lots of people, some calling in, others “experts” and it has been fascinating. What a year it has been and Trump is the biggest topic. I hope that something , anything in fact, can be resolved with this Presidency as I doubt there an be progress with so much chaos. But perhaps I am just old fashioned or too Canadian!!

    • dsprague85

      I don’t think it’s old fashioned at all to want progress. The US seems like it’s regressing, though, but there are things that are happening that are unprecedented, so “regressing” might be a comforting term to conjure up a familiar past.

      • anne leueen

        Well it seems to be “new territory” for sure. I am never too sure about going back to the past. We can learn from history but i don’t want to go back to it.