Just a Short Post Before Bed 4

Yep. There he is, former President Barack Obama. A recent post in The Guardian got me to thinking. Obama represents the torch of nostalgia, some golden age of American government that’s now long gone (at least to a sizeable swath of the US). While I’m not sure that Trump’s New Year outburst is anything spectacular, to some it highlights a border between the Obama era and this one. Now we should be certain there’s no “going back.”

That’s probably true to an extent, considering the hard right has had a taste of supreme leadership. They won’t give up the fight easily. But nostalgia is a powerful motivator, and while it’s not substitute for ideology, it can be a powerful motivator to tie together loose segments of thinking into a vague but convincing enough framework that it passes for ideology. The Obama era might’ve come to a close, but many people still remember it fondly. Any candidate in 2020 that seems like a throwback to that era could have an advantage.

My pre-bedtime thoughts anyway.

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