Latest Trump Tweetstorm isn’t a Revelation. Pretty Normal Category 1 Behavior. 1

Not one to let a sleeping dog lie, POTUS tends to kick a canine when it’s down. See below.

Doesn’t seem like a hoax to me, but if you kick that dog enough, something good will happen (“Doubling down” via tweet was his favorite strategy during the campaign, but also obviously throughout his presidency). If you don’t possess wit, repetition is the next best thing, right? So, he’s still rambling on about the Russian collusion, playing the part of his worst accuser, if you think about it.

Then he chases after Democrats and the Media, usual  Make America Great Again fare. He chafes at the Reagan comparison, but has been happy to invoke the similarity with the former POTUS on prior occasions.

Putting all that aside, if you wish to not be perceived as crazy, the solution to that is as simple and repetitious as the tweets themselves.

Once again, he aspires to hurricane-tier tweets, but can barely reach Category 1 status, and that’s a generous assessment, imo. Here he attacks Crooked Hillary, which is basic campaign trail stuff. Then, in typical fashion, he uses victim mentality to boost some mirage about having a fantastic ability. He perceives himself as being mentally stable and “really smart.”

Not just smart, but genius level? I think he truly believes it. Narcissistic traits can solidify in isolation. Living a life of incredible wealth is a good example. It allows those character flaws to magnify, and there isn’t much to keep them in check. Now he’s President, and in a mind like that, such a position only reinforces that sense of superiority. When Trump witnesses the erosion of various institutions, this also seems to reinforce that behavior.

Voices whispering “Lil’ Bob Corker” are echoing throughout the vast hall of what we’ll soon call history. “Total loser.” Same deal here. What’s new? Sure, he refers to former Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon as “Sloppy Steve” but no new angle is taken, no revelation from a supposedly brilliant mind. Even the insults aren’t creative “Rocket Man” was copyright infringement. “Lil’ Bob Corker” wasn’t especially wounding. Just another generic barb from a bumbling man.

There’s also a fundamental inconsistency when you have the self-perception of genius mingling with conservative victimhood. Would the mind of a chess champion become ensnared by the most basic of situations? I’m convinced some social and intellectual impairment exists, and that no amount of twitter followers nor the withering of already weak institutions will diminish that fact.

If I had to critique the liberal media for one thing, it would be that there is an intense focus on Trump’s general mental ability, but what should be incorporated should be a broader reflection on Trump’s ability to cope with the social world. Sure, they comment on how he is “shattering norms” though that isn’t the same thing as commenting on a pathological deficit of social insight (narcissism is almost glorified, and thus is presented as a reflection of social status). They focus on “impulse control” but that feeds into the narrative of the bully continuing with behavior that has been validated in the past.



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One thought on “Latest Trump Tweetstorm isn’t a Revelation. Pretty Normal Category 1 Behavior.

  • rezinate

    It’s both a sad social commentary and sign of the times when inconsistency becomes the
    new norm for consistency – when ignorance is promoted as genius, and a core demographic
    hell bent on destroying the foundations of democracy is allowed to run roughshod over an
    entire nation.
    The first duty of patriotism, a word so loosely tossed about, is to question, to maintain vigilance
    and oversight of government, and when warranted to demand and actively pursue accountability.
    America may pay lipservice to the concept of democracy and as a matter of perceived
    necessity maintain a handful of the more visible trappings but the wheels are undeniably falling