Trump’s “Shithole” Remark is a Time Machine 9

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Or at least, you should think of it as one.

During a meeting with House members and Senators on Thursday, President Trump referred to certain countries as “shitholes.” What really boggles the mind at this point is that many outlets are portraying the language as shocking. It makes you wonder what is the correct response. Do we keep defining Trump’s comments as devastatingly surprising, which only appears to fuel the support of his delusional base while framing him with a peculiar mystique?

Throughout 2017, Trump was consistently called out for his race-baiting tactics. Even the death of a woman in Charlottesville couldn’t elicit the correct sympathetic response from our irritatingly omnipresent POTUS. Forgetting the heights of Trump’s destructive comments creates new valleys for him to sink. Why are we giving him the luxury of allowing him to descend into valleys that we have dug? Just another example of a corporate fool making others do the work.

But then, reacting in a way that indicates dispassion isn’t a viable strategy either. Stating simply “Trump is a racist” isn’t enough. That is what an ethically impaired mind forces you to consider. React with surprise, or react factually yet disinterestedly? The thing I’d like to focus on is that much of the media, for good reason at least initially, has associated surprise with anger. 2017 is behind us. For some incomprehensible reason, the entire year centered on analyzing the motivations and psychological intricacies (okay?) of one bumbling man. “Perhaps he is so complex that it’s possible the President will change when the correct combination of circumstances presents itself.”

My suggestion is to detach anger from surprise, because imbuing a hated figure with mystique isn’t a sound plan when very similar incendiary comments have been consistently laced with shock. Unnecessarily maintaining surprise also begets fatigue. In my mind, anger can be sustained longer.

Essentially, what I’m saying is that 2017 was a tough learning experience, but a learning experience all the same. Should the focus be on lending phosphorescence to language that’s already grown stale? Of course, we have to focus on it to some degree, but our attention could occasionally look elsewhere.

  • Update

Apparently, Trump denied the “shithole” comment. This wasn’t a serious update, though, because denials have ceased to matter.

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s “Shithole” Remark is a Time Machine

  • rezinate

    ‘But then, reacting in a way that indicates dispassion isn’t a viable strategy either. Stating simply “Trump is a racist” isn’t enough.”

    Accepting such advice at face value I offer the below pointed comment, should it be deemed too pointed and fails to be approved no offense will be taken as the approach people take is a diverse one.

    Shithole – if any are offended by profanity a couple of options exist, one being read no farther and the other being to accept the reality that a shameless, morally reprehensible, mentally deficient hybrid human orangutan occupies the White House fully supported by more of the same.
    Accept the reality that the WH is rapidly becoming a festering shithole of dysfunctional ignorance and something of a rallying point for white supremacists.
    Accept the reality that the only organic material to be found in this presidents cranium is feces and that a neanderthal base apparently not only embraces that but find it cause for celebration.
    If poverty, need, lack of opportunity, flagrant inequities, culture and ethnicity are seen as indicators to merit a nation or geographic location being designated as a shithole then I submit shitholes abound in this country in every state in the Union from inner city ghettos to Appalachia and every rez in this country.
    Shitholes that are forgotten, ignored, castigated, and ultimately fueled by the indifference of corrupt racist conservative and evangelical ideology.
    But what of the shitholes of corporate boardrooms and behind closed doors legislation that panders to them and their lobbyists?
    Are they somehow more acceptable – do wealth and influence carry a self sanitizer?
    As far as I’m concerned being as it is that the current administrationhas made of career of wallowing in shit then they can all eat their preferred diet.
    As an indigenous person with a cultural history of enforced silence and government authored cultural degradation I’ m over entertaining buffoons, failing to say exactly what I mean, or making a pretense of political correctness.
    Never has the axiom of “it is what it is” been more obvious – this administration is what it is, and that is racist to the core.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      The Republican “establishment” has a very harmful set of values–corporatism dressed up as representing middle class interests, as you said “self sanitizer.” Not only that, but establishment Republicanism paved the way for Trumpism.

      You’re right. “It is what it is.”

  • sportsdiva64

    I’m not angry at his base because he’s speaking directly to their fears that “people of color are taking away our jobs and America isn’t a nation of white people anymore.” No, I’m more upset with those people who believed the bull shit he told them during the primaries and the debates. Y’all didn’t want an intelligent woman I the white house but it’s okay to elect a man who TOLD you from DAY 1 what he was all about! You still voted for him. As a black woman I’m not upset at the people of color who voted for him and are standing by him in spite of him showing his colors all his life. (Those of us here in New York , we’re not surprised at his comments . We know how this fool operates, the rest of the world is just finding out.), I am DISGUSTED by them smiling and grinning like field Negroes on a plantation . This man could care less about any of us. Just his family and his rich friends.