Trump Wanted to Fire Mueller (Stunning Plot Twist) 8

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Robert S. Mueller III was this close to being fired by President Trump in June of last year, saved only by a threat from White House Counsel Donald F. McCGahn that he would resign. Interesting stuff. In one sense, this is hardly news, considering that it’s been widely known Trump has wanted to fire Mueller ever since he took over the investigation into Russian meddling. It fits neatly into Trump’s pattern though, a pattern of walking past a danger zone, only to back pedal when things get too serious. This is very much “classic” buffoon.

Trump’s response? “Fake News, folks. Fake news.” Fortunately, supporters of him and his administration will choose to look the other way, or to look directly into the eyes of the beast and say “Yep. Fake news.”

Why wouldn’t Trump try to fire Mueller? He fired FBI director James Comey in May, fearing the looming investigation. While this seems like a clear signal to protect the special counsel, it’s hard to say whether or not Republicans will get on board with the process. After all, McConnell, ever the obstructionist, cynical conservative, refused to sign the measure that would have officially condemned Russia during the Obama administration. Classic McConnell.

At the end of the day, this is another bit of news that’s portrayed as a bombshell but just doesn’t measure up, simply because it fits into a larger pattern of “When in doubt, fire!”


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