The Nunes Memo and Trump Tyranny #NunesMemo 2

Jefferson Memorial II flickr photo by Alexander Day shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

So yesterday, the House Intelligence Committee decided to vote to release the memo Rep. Devin Nunes has been bragging about. Under normal times, this might be perceived as helping to keep the democratic barge afloat by holding the FBI and Justice Department  accountable for partisan maneuvering. Instead, since we are all chafing under the yoke of a would-be dictator obsessed with turning reality into a reality TV show–the vote to release the memo seems deeply motivated by political venom, specifically of the Republican kind.

President Trump is incredibly invested in discrediting institutions that are involved in the investigation of Russian meddling into our 2016 presidential election. Look. I get it. It’s difficult trying to bend an enormous government to your will. However, Trump isn’t going it alone. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepped down on Monday, after months of attacks from the lump-of-muenster-cheese-in-chief via Twitter. Republican-led Congress is going all it can to

While Trump’s endgame is clearly to drown these institutions before they drown him, what is the long-term strategy? After the Russia debacle is over, then, how will these weakened institutions serve him? Does he even think that far ahead? The aides he’s chosen to surround himself with? If not, let’s try to do the thinking for the POTUS/the administration.

Weakened institutions serving the president are preferable to strong institutions against him. Not only that, but they might not matter as much in the context of other long-held systems swaying in the favor of a hardening executive branch. I’ve talked before about Trump stacking the lower courts with clones of himself. Congress is heavily titled in a Republican direction, and because conservative voters are still largely behind him, they are given carte blanche to pursue whatever disastrous policies serve them the best.

People keep talking about a #BlueWave. That’d be nice. Seems far from a certainty though. Trump will rip through the government to cling to power. He’s proven it thus far.

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2 thoughts on “The Nunes Memo and Trump Tyranny #NunesMemo

  • missejjessim

    “we are all chafing under the yoke of a would-be dictator” This is exactly what I tell people, no one wants to see it that way! As scary as the possibility you describe in this blog is, I loved it!

    • dsprague85 Post author

      Thanks! 🙂 The truly frightening thing is, I don’t think I will run out of material to write about any time soon.