Will Trump Succeed Where Nixon Failed? #TrumpObstructed #TrumpRussia 9

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Looks like the Nunes memo isn’t going away. I wrote another post about this recently, you can find it here. It’s important to note from here on out that President Donald Trump will do anything he can to end Mueller’s Russia investigation. Anything that seems “unprecedented” and would shock the foundations of liberal democracy doesn’t matter. If Trump believes that pursuing a political course of allowing Mueller to do his job isn’t working, then releasing the memo and finding a way to discredit the FBI and a justification for firing Rosenstein will be the next step on the road to hell (imo).

The Nixon analogy was an almost immediate association with the Trump administration. I’ve written about my reservations with that comparison, specifically because, simply put, times have changed. Nixon did not have state-run Fox News at his disposal, and a Republican controlled Congress is loathe to discipline Trump or curtail presidential power. Trump’s base is solidly behind him. Even some congressional democrats are anxious about bringing this ridiculous POTUS to heel, due to the fact that they are serving states that Trump won.

Nixon failed in his attempt to squash the FBI and save his own hide. Donald Trump is in a much different context, and while there is overwhelming opposition to his tampering with the Russian investigation, there is also overwhelming support for Trump via the anti-immigrant, racist wave that brought him to power and wants to keep him there.

It’s also possible that the Nixon analogy liberals constantly fall upon could amount to a broader strategic failure, ie: a sword to the stomach. For the record, I’m extremely invested in Trump being removed from power, but emotions and groupthink won’t necessarily bring that to fruition. The concept of a #BlueWave rests upon a certainty, and that same certainty facilitated Trump’s rise.

Congressional Democrats seem almost castrated, and their opposition to the lumbering monstrosity in the White House should clue you into what would happen if they were to attain power after the 2018 midterms. The senators and House members have far from coherent minds, because to them it isn’t clear what the lowest common denominator wants. Constituents have blind faith in their senators and  representatives, but the governing wing of the Democratic party doesn’t know what is going on.

Nancy Pelosi, yet another behind-the-times, marshmallow-stuffed democrat, has made comments in the past that give rise to serious doubts about their commitments to impeaching the guy-in-chief.

The Nunes memo doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to provide a vague justification for discrediting the FBI and removing Rosenstein. Once out from under the shadow of the Russia investigation, nevermind how that transpires, his voters will see that as reason enough to believe he has been acquitted in the eyes of the law, even though Trump is manipulating how accountability functions in the US of A.

“But what about the Democrats in Congress?” you might ask. I don’t know. You should ask them. It’s not looking good.


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9 thoughts on “Will Trump Succeed Where Nixon Failed? #TrumpObstructed #TrumpRussia

  • rezinate

    Impeachment prognosticators are like three card monte dealers on sidewalk corners – that is to say mobile, they can fold up their table and move from one prediction to another quicker than you can say here comes a cop.
    While I have nothing against them/him per se Michael Moore is one such example, an “originalist” when it comes to doom and gloom.
    He of the Trump will be impeached within six months to later in his first year to well at some point if he doesn’t get us all killed first to okay I’m opening up a whistle blower site.
    People and the media routinely allude to a looming constitutional crisis, the wake up call is the nation is currently in the midst of one and for all the talk about democracy and the rule of law it’s increasingly difficult to hold up this nation as a shining example of either one.
    Trumpism has become a viral contagion, the STOU which predictably didn’t take long for Trump Jong Un to declare garnered more views than any in history and obviously wasn’t crafted by a person with a fifth grade vocabulary was notable by the division within the audience.
    One side robotically rises to applaud when cued to do so by Trump’s childish posturing and pauses and the other glowers and prides themselves on their steadfast refusal to do so.
    Rhetoric is killing this nation, a cacophony of sound and fury emanating from the Ministry of Propaganda commonly referred to as Fox Fake News to Pelosi’s I know you are but what am I until it all becomes little more than background noise.
    Resist sounds so independent doesn’t it? So don’t tread on me and a Paul Reveresque blue wave is coming – well we’ll see how that goes in November.
    The two party system has become an abject joke, nightmarish at times when defined as opting for the lesser of two evils – the contrast
    of choice should be more than that.

    • Ben Montgomery

      If we didn’t have a two party system the freedom caucus would be a party and run things. I’d rather have two parties with divisions within themselves. It keeps the Nazis from taking over.

      • rezinate

        I’d rather have a system that actually works – the three branches of government were intended to
        be a form of checks and balance achieved by honest open debate that would lead to compromise.
        Obviously when one party controls all three branches the core principles of democracy go out the window.
        Factor in the ability to stack federal courts, the SC, and even the DOJ and the results are not only predictable but demonstrative of a nation in decline fueled entirely by blind party allegiance rather
        than actual substance……. the Nazis have taken over though in their current incarnation are referred
        to as Trumpkins – and it began with Citizens United ably abetted by evangelicals, white supremacists, and your run of the mill conservative “family values patriots”.