Putin’s Game: Trump’s Self-Preservation 1

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The Nunes Memo was released earlier today. It revealed that the FISA court warrant that allowed the FBI to continue to spy on Carter Page was largely granted because of the Christopher Steele dossier. Of course, the Democratic counter-point memo has yet to be released.

Many commentators have talked about how Putin is jumping with glee right now because his goal of dividing the United States, both at the government and electorate level, is obviously a reality. Rather than be interested solely in the game of truth and counter-truth via CNN and Fox News (I obviously prefer the former),  Putin’s goal is to sow discord via that game. It doesn’t matter if this occurs over social media or the traditional news cycle. Both are preferable in his mind.

Even though Trump’s greenlighting of the Nunes memo reeks of self-preservation, it plays into the broader narrative of Russian interference into the 2016 elections and beyond. If Putin’s goal is to insinuate himself into the American political landscape, using discord as the vehicle, then Trump’s irritatingly persistent narrative of self-absorption plays quite nicely into that goal.

This seems pretty historic. The official government response to Russia’s interference has been partisan gridlock on the congressional side, and a strong “looking the other way” mentality from the executive branch. We’re forced to watch through the kaleidoscope of Trump’s narcissism and the maneuvering of his legal team. Not lookin’ good.

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One thought on “Putin’s Game: Trump’s Self-Preservation

  • rezinate

    I’m continually struck by the choice of words conservatives employ and think
    it more a matter of projection than relevance.
    Take for instance the use of the term “fake news” – this from the citadel of fake
    news the Oval Office and Fox Fake News.
    In a sane world the Nunes memo would be laughed into nonexistence if it ever
    saw the light of day and the author driven from office, the fact that neither has
    occurred is testament to the dumbing down of America.
    A time when ignorance and a mob mentality is seen as an asset, a time when
    two plus two is celebrated as adding up to five – five being the numerical equivalent
    of the “deep state” seeking to undermine the very cornerstones of democracy.
    The “deep state” – another projection? Plausible to think so – a possible solution?
    Indict the Republican Party and “Lock ’em up”.