Trump Inspires Authoritarianism, But Not The Way You Think. 6

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Wrote another post about Russia. I talked about how Trump’s narcissism and the view of American exceptionalism have taken the focus away from the very serious issue of Russian propaganda/interference with the 2016 and future elections.

I see this playing out in a number of ways. First, authoritarianism grows from a perceived problem. Trump ran on the “problem” of a stagnant economy and immigration/general racism. The conservatives have found their champion. On the liberal side of things, Trump was the crisis since his inauguration. If every authoritarian feeds off some crisis or another, then it is inevitable for the United States to slide into the dark pit of autocracy.

It’s possible President Trump solidifies his power. It’s also possible he is removed from office. A much more subdued authoritarian waits in the form of Vice President Pence, a vaguely Christian politician who is eager to turn America into a theocracy. Okay, so those are two options. What else? Trump finishes out his term, and he’s ousted from the presidency by a democratic candidate. This democratic candidate doesn’t need to be anything special. We saw this in Alabama. No offense to Doug Jones or anything, but he seems about as mild-mannered as they come. In comparison to Roy Moore, Jones seemed like a saint by comparison.

So, democracy is saved by a left-leaning president. Not quite. In this scenario, if Trump is the crisis that helps to inspire authoritarianism, then is autocracy inevitable? That’s my worry. Feel free to post your thoughts below. I’d prefer it, actually.

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6 thoughts on “Trump Inspires Authoritarianism, But Not The Way You Think.

  • Ken Dowell

    I think a lot depends on the mid-term elections. If the Republicans lose big, those that are left might start to distance themselves from President Shithole. Without anyone to do his bidding he might end up as a long-term lame duck. However if the GOP holds its ground next November he’s going to be more successful in consolidating his power.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      Yeah, either scenario seems equally possible at this point. Also looks like Dems have slipped in the polls a bit, so it’s hard to say what will happen.

  • pvcann

    The public are fickle in relation to political intention and identity, my guess is that the Dems will play up to or play along with. The supporters of Trump may get him across the line again, so yes, a difficult future.