Memo Chaos–It Isn’t Going Away 5

The Nunes memo has been out for what seems like a political eternity, with nothing to counteract it so far. Even though the Democrats are maneuvering for the President to release their own memo, there’s only one contestant in the arena, the memo released by Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

It’s clear that Trump believes the document vindicates him in the eyes of his followers. That’s the premise here. This monstrosity doesn’t need to be “perfect.” It’s quick, dirty, and the hype built around it did 80% of the job. In fact, parts of the memo actually contradict Trump’s narrative of a “witch hunt.” The only thing the memo needs to achieve is to affirm what most Trump supporters already believe.

This really shows the surreal nature of right-wing politics. Constant indoctrination creates the frame for conservative belief, then anything will be used to corroborate those vague, ever-shifting beliefs. The hype surrounding the memo is more important than the memo itself. Sean Hannity’s propaganda show has proven to be extremely effective, with fans of the program nodding unquestioningly. It’s a little scary, and by “a little scary” I mean extremely terrifying. This is cult-like stuff. We also have every indication that it will only get worse.

For a significant portion of the country, Trump’s tweets and the cobweb-filled cauldron of Fox News misinformation is the thing that will feed their ideology. Many conservatives look at “liberal hysteria” and are amused, even delighted. Why would Trump keep sending out his tweets if they weren’t effective at stirring his base?

Let’s take a look at one of his recent tweets about the Nunes memo.



That’s all that Trump supporters need to hear. Self-serving crap from the POTUS proves his vindication. No reality check at all.

“Their was no Collusion.” Not exactly “Peace through strength,” but does it need to be?

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5 thoughts on “Memo Chaos–It Isn’t Going Away

  • authorlaurablog

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  • Ilona Elliott

    It’s all so frustrating. I cannot fathom where all this goes. I think it’s definitely in a downhill direction, but don’t know what that will mean for the long term. The degree to which the Republican party has politicized every aspect of human existence to the point where they can’t even imagine that there are non-partisan participants in the intelligence community just trying to get to the truth is striking.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      Yep. The GOP seems comfortable doing their best to try and destroy the Russian probe, and if that means discrediting various institutions–the DOJ/FBI–then so be it. Which is weird since historically they’ve considered themselves the “law and order” party, and have supported the FBI in the past.

      You’re right–there’s no telling where this will go.