Rob Porter Resigns Amid Claims of Domestic Abuse 2

White House flickr photo by kidTruant shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

More White House shakeup stuff. Rob Porter, White House aide, resigned Wednesday due to allegations from his ex-wives concerning domestic abuse. Even though many aides were aware of Rob Porter’s character, nothing was done to oust him from the West Wing. Not only that, but there was an internal effort to support him in the face of those allegations. Post-resignation? Well, in typical Trump fashion, the defense of Porter persists. Why should this time be any different? When Roy Moore ran for the Senate in Alabama’s special election, conservative outlets didn’t exactly mount a strong offense against Moore.

Keep in mind that defending Porter despite his resignation feeds into the broader conservative narrative of pushing back against harassment/abuse allegations. This is merely another instance of stoking Trump’s base. In the ethical vacuum that Trump has exposed, it’s definitely clear that many Republicans will choose to look the other way when it comes to news stories about various types of abuse toward those with less power. With their taxes slashed by Trump and Co, the broader context can be safely ignored.

As this behavior is continuously dragged out into the open, it will also be normalized. Charges of domestic abuse will start to look like political papercuts in no time at all. Roy Moore>Trump>Porter>Next in line? Who will hold these people accountable? Certainly not the GOP.


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