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Joe Arpaio flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


White supremacists aren’t just sticking to the streets anymore, they are running for the highest levels of government. Well, as David Duke can attest, this isn’t the first time that flaming bigots have run for office, but it might be the first time in awhile that they have a chance to succeed. The midterms are quickly approaching, and even though they are months away, preparation for them begins now.

With Trump in office, this behavior existing in the well-lit halls of politics is normal enough. You would be correct if you said the GOP has functioned as the party for white supremacists well before Trump, except that the past year has shown there is no clear indication that they will fail. Much of what occurred in 2017, from Charlottesville, to Trump’s feud with Jemele Hill, suggests that they have more opportunities to claim power than ever.

Let’s harken back to Trump’s pardoning of Joe Arpaio, former Arizona Sheriff and ardent collector of antique pinball machines. The president pardoned a man who engaged in racial profiling against latinos and then proceeded to force them to live in his own home- made concentration camp. And we can’t just say that “oh, he’ll drop dead tomorrow,” since many racists apparently live to at least 105.

Now Arpaio is running for the Senate. He recently accused Senator Jeff Flake of treason for criticizing the punchline-in-chief. If you haven’t seen this guy “in action” just click below.



In other words, when it comes to the midterms, there’s plenty to worry about. I’d like to think that Arpaio and co. don’t stand a chance in attaining high office in the US government. But “liking to think” and reality are two different things. Otherwise, we might as well be watching Tucker Carlson or something.

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One thought on “White Supremacists Drool Over 2018 Midterms

  • rezinate

    Inspite of “political correctness” accompanied by a billing and cooing about quantum leaps forward in embracing diversity and racial equality that has been far from the truth, more of a rhetorical dose of pablum as can be seen in the gerrymandering of districts and numerous pieces of legislation.
    Arpaio and Trump’s emboldened administration are representative of this – am I surprised? Not in the least, nor should anyone else be in my opinion.
    This is a nation founded on slavery, indentured servitude, and even genocidal policies directed at the original inhabitants – a nation that if it didn’t wholeheartedly embrace eugenics had a flirtatious affair with it.
    A nation claiming a divinely inspired manifest destiny and westward the wagons – there is an adage that history repeats itself, a history whose roots are visible from Standing Rock to Arpaio, from Bears Ears to every ghetto and reservation in this country and “good people on both sides”.
    Surprised? No, as nations we know theater, lies, and a charade when we see it and fully understand the “dream” has never been inclusive.
    “Giants” of industry like Henry Ford was a racist, celebrated literary figures like L. Frank Baum called for the extermination of indigenous people, “Honest Abe” signed off on the mass execution by hanging of two hundred indigenous men reducing it down to thirty eight following a global outcry, and while I haven’t an argument with pro choice that doesn’t translate to forced or uninformed sterilizations – all culminating in a racist president and his minions.
    I find it amusing that anyone believes you can actually legislate morality or the changing of a heart and liken it to something of a Daddy Warbucks syndrome of belief that government has something for everyone – some rich benevolent all knowing Uncle Sam whose going to solve all the problems and make everything right.
    “Patriotism” isn’t about waving the flag, it’s about asking the hard questions, holding politicians across the board to the strictest of accountability regardless of party affiliation and demanding that public service be something other than a perk laden career choice or vehicle to commit crimes against humanity.
    Arpaio, David Duke, and others of the same ilk have cause to celebrate as this administration does everything in it’s power to harken back to the “good ol’ days” of rapacious Barons and manifest destiny as evangelicals celebrate and cavort like drunken Dionysian Satyrs of word and thought police “slain in the spirit” of racism and mysogyny celebrating the institutionalization of everything that is wrong.