A Lamb to the End. A Top Diplomat Falls. 11

Hey, my ardent followers! I know I haven’t posted in quite awhile, but it’s for a good reason (I hope). I’m working on various projects, one is a longer political work that I don’t know when will see the light of day. The other is a fiction novel (a little horror is never a bad thing). Just got done with that, and now comes the editing phase. So, in short, I’ve been pretty busy. But to be honest, I’ve felt a little guilty not keeping up with this blog. I miss the thrill/mild terror of American electoral politics.

What’s new, then?

  •  Pennsylvania special election

It seems fairly certain that Democrat Conor Lamb won the Pennsylvania special election. I have incredibly mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it’s nice to see Trump’s soulless Republicanism get trounced again, even if it’s in name only. Keep in mind that although Democrats might have found a strategy to win in deeply red areas, we are seeing The Great Compromise of national democratic values. While many will see this as further justification to prophesize that a Blue Wave will drown Republican opposition in the midterms, we shouldn’t fixate on labels. Lamb supports gun rights and is anti-abortion. He’s also firmly against Nancy Pelosi. I guess that shouldn’t matter, as I did refer to her (and Chuck Schumer) as a marshmallow stuffed Democrat.

Lamb won against Saccone, but in a very close race. A winning strategy, toeing the line between national party values and local ideology, means that even if Democrats emerge victorious in Trump territory, they’ve already compromised themselves. Doug Jones, last year’s star from Alabama, is a red Democrat. So, we’re seeing the emergence of “soft Republicans” in the Age of Uncertainty. What implications does this have for the midterms? Well, for starters, labels might hoodwink ideological shifts or compromises that make the Democratic party unrecognizable. For instance, Lamb has hedged his bets when it comes to having a firm policy on immigration, which means that the somewhat strong-willed Democrats of yesteryear might fall by the wayside in favor of more conservative Democrats. This is something to keep an eye on.

  • Tillerson is gone. Gone like the wind.

Yep, the discord between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Donald Trump has finally culminated in the now infamous “you’re fired” governing strategy that Trump has leaned on so generously in the past. Tillerson gone, C.I.A head Mike Pompeo in. Pompeo is more of a Trump loyalist. Even though Tillerson thinned out the State Department and has proven himself to mostly an inept diplomat, will he look like a shinning beacon of diplomacy skills in comparison to Pompeo? Actually, it might be the opposite. Pompeo has proven himself capable of walking a very thin line between Trump loyalism and his duties at the C.I.A. He will incorporate Trump’s tough stances on Iran and North Korea, but has shown a decent level of political skills that might help him survive Trump’s ire if the occasion arises. If Pompeo is effective at carrying out Trumpist ideology at the State Department, he will be associated with the current nationalist angst of the Republican party. So, if we make an analogy between Sessions and Pompeo, we will probably be seeing a Secretary of State that’s on much less shaky ground than Tillerson.

Originally, Trump wanted to tap Senator Tom Cotton, but that would’ve prompted a special election…

Well, guess that’s all for now. Sorry for the long hiatus!

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11 thoughts on “A Lamb to the End. A Top Diplomat Falls.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad to see you’re still interested in my blog!

      The US political sphere is getting more wondrous and terrifying by the second, I guess I can’t complain for having a lack of material…:p

  • Ivan Kinsman

    I agree that the Dems need to be moving more towards what you term ‘soft Republicans’. Many people are fed up with the ultra pc wishy washy lefty values that were espoused during the last campaign. You can adopt fairly tough stances yet still be fair.

    The Dems need to look back in history to see what has worked before. FDR for me is a role model – a highly pragmatic politician who got things done but who was also looking out for the well-being of the average working Joe.

    Many blue collar Dems only voted for Trump because they were turned off by Hillary Clinton. They now probably see Trump as a sham and a showboater and need a candidate who reflects their own core values.

  • bravenora1993

    It is my impression or is the oval office becoming a court?How many heads have yet to fall?Naming Mike Pompeo is perhaps one of the smartest moves he has ever done. At the end, before being a president, he is a businessman. It is also interesting the emergence of figures like Conor Lamb or of “Soft Republicans”.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      A court? Well, definitely less democratic. He really admires strongmen like Putin and Duterte from the Philippines.

      Yeah, the rise of “soft Republicans” isn’t a good thing, imo, but can’t say I’m surprised. The Trump Age is giving many politicians who wouldn’t have stood a chance otherwise a shot at Congress.

      • bravenora1993

        Perhaps court seems a little old-fashioned term but at the end he talked about a new witch hunt regarding the Russia Gate…
        So he admires a man who said that success is the fate of Russia and another that has made a bad comparison between the women and the communists,who maybe for him are of a different kind, but that has taken the war on drugs very seriously. Therefore the Dark Age is ending and it is starting Trump Age with gold-collar workers and charismatic characters who are interested in their own nations. Probably I am not so informed about a new kinds of figures but anyway I admire Melania Trump and her commitment to the fight against cyberbullying🤔

  • All Points Left of Insanity

    I just blogged on this myself. I got the feeling Lamb was anti-abortion, for himself personally, but backed a woman’s right to choose. The 2nd Amendment stance was more than most Dems like, but a lot of us don’t mind guns OR the #2A, we’re more pissy about the fact that any regs are seen by the RWNJ as assaults upon their assault weapons. Everything in moderation. We’re going to have to be flexible and not a square that always fits in “the’ square hole if we want a chance in hell to get the crazies back on their meds. The youngins’ need to take the reins and bring the Left into the 21st Century. They’ll trip and fall, like we all did, but I think if we let them get excited and pissed off we have a chance of them taking us into the midterms and 2020 with some potential for success. Hey, a gal can root for the home team and dream a little dream.
    Welcome back!