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Believe it or not, I haven’t talked about the Stormy Daniels issue on this blog yet. I think part of the problem is that when most people talk/write about Stormy Daniels or Trump’s other affairs, they can’t help but fuel a puritanical sensationalism. The reasons for this seem to be steeped in American culture.  First, America’s attitudes toward this kind of activity (see? I can’t even bring myself to say the “s” word…), are, well, American’s attitudes. I won’t re-tread old ground.

Secondly, all of this is evocative of the Clinton years. Except Trump is involved in three lawsuits by women who have been in sexual relationships with him. Stormy Daniels, Summer Zervos, and Karen McDougal. That’s multiple lawsuits. Trump’s past history with women won’t fade anytime soon. And their stories will be given ample time to shine due to our infinitely complex legal system and the media.

The fact that Trump has had unprotected s…se…sex with a porn star is probably what will stick in the mind of most Americans. To most evangelicals, and actually, much of the American population, Stormy Daniels is the epicenter of Trump’s sexual impropriety. They have to decide, whether it is through apathy or voter engagement, if Trump’s history with women is important enough to take with them come the midterms and 2020.

It does seem like this issue intersects with the #MeToo movement, and could provide much-needed voter engagement. Will, it though? If we draw a parallel between Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton, it’s important to note that Clinton served two terms and displayed many of the same flamboyant personality traits, and chafed under a similar legal problem, as Trump. While the Nixon analogy was fun for awhile, Trump’s similarity with Clinton are coming to the forefront.

There’s a rallying cry for Trump to be impeached, but both Pence and a neutered Congress make this an unpleasant subject. I’m left with how this will motivate voters and how it will effect the 2018/2020 landscape. One thing that I have noticed is that out of all the problems surrounding the Trump presidency, this has preserved. It has endured far longer than the usual Trump fiascoes, which seems to last about a week or so. Maybe that’s due to these issues not being initiated by Trump. I want to make it clear that by “not being initiated” I mean that Trump hasn’t voluntarily brought these issues to the attention of the media. In fact, he has gone out of his way to suppress them.

On the flip side of the coin (which is a terrifying universe), Trump could emerge relatively unscathed, much like Clinton. He would feel even more emboldened. It’s difficult to say what would happen exactly, but the fact that a trio of lawsuits are affecting Trump personally up the odds of some trouble befalling him.

I know. It’s a crazy world out there.

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7 thoughts on “What Does Stormy Daniels Mean for the Trump Presidency?

  • Aquila Lynch

    I was listening to NPR Radio this morning, and they stated that his approval rating among primarily white Evangelicals has risen. I believe it’s around 78%. You’re right about the hypocrisy of the religious right, it’s mind boggling. It feels as though his base is determined to dig their heels in and submit to his foolishness, regardless of how it makes us look as a country. They are so threatened that “they’re losing the country”, some of his supporters are willing it seems to betray their own values. It’s sad.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      You have to hand it to evangelicals. When they see an opening, it’s very unlikely they will disavow that person. They can be narcissistic and isolationist, which means that they will “lose the country” just not in the way that they think.

  • Ilona Elliott

    I saw the CEO of the 700 club on television this weekend. He reported that evangelicals don’t care about Trumps adultery. It was in the past. What they care about, he said, is that he has a pro family political agenda that promotes their values. So there it is. They care more about politics than about their obligation to truth as people of faith. It’s extremely hypocritical and frustrating for the rest of us. Moral character is not important, unless of course, you are a liberal, and then it’s impossible for you to have any, because you are a liberal. Can’t win with that kind of mindset. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      Yeah, evangelicals have found an idol, essentially washing away his sins in exchange for promoting a “pro-family” agenda. In some ways I’m surprised they aren’t advocating for Trump’s impeachment, considering Vice President Pence is an even more ardent supporter of the United States becoming a theocracy.

      What I have noticed with evangelicals (and many liberals too, actually) is that they enjoy making appeals to authority. While people seem so focused on Trump’s daily narcissistic injury, the “fire and fury” of his supporters often goes unnoticed.

  • bravenora1993

    I do not want to sound too rude and do not get me wrong but at the end you were the one to elect Trump and many of the voters and supporters already knew what kind of man he is, so if during the election campaign you were focused on his political program, now that the best way to bring it down is to focus on his private life and his transgressions while not admitting that the slogan “make america great again”did not work. At this point it makes me wonder if it really was the triumph of democracy… It seems an almost hypocritical behavior, I am the first to not bear such an attitude, but what Weinstein did is certainly more deplorable and embarrassing than a man who is made in this way and who was with women who in a sense knew what they did and who was. I have not read Bannon’s book but after all, every American president has been involved in some sex scandal, even after they were not alive, for example the Kennedy or Clinton presidency and this kind of things or tactics are always in fashion when you have to throw a little of mud. For the moment, as already occupied the chair, I would focus less on gossip avoiding to name any religious ethics that neither men nor politics now observe.