Trump and Stephen Miller’s “Breakfast Nook” Anti-Immigration Easter Weekend 2


Stephen Miller flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

President Trump has closeted himself with Stephen Miller at his absurdly luxurious Mar-a-Lao resort. He spent the morning sending a flurry of tweets related to DACA and using NAFTA as a bargaining chip with Mexico, essentially ordering them to reduce the flow of immigrants if they wish to see the trade agreement remain intact.

While it’s important to analyze the President’s tweets, one-by-one, narrowing our lens to an in-the-moment assessment of his short history as POTUS, it’s important not to lose sight of the broader context. Stephen Miller is a senior policy adviser, and a prime member of Trump’s “immigration hawk” team (another is Attorney General Jeff Sessions, these two are arguably the chief architects of his anti-immigration policy).

It’s important, I think, to separate Trump’s actual views from those mostly constructed by other advisers. Although it takes a racist person to be amenable to various anti-immigrant policies, I feel like there’s something broader going on. Most people assume that it is Trump alone who is responsible for his tweets. But I’m wondering if, just like with Steve Bannon, POTUS is inspired to send these tweets when he is in the company of a strong-willed, mildly intelligent, ideologically inclined person.

In my mind, it’s hardly coincidental that these aggressively anti-immigrant messages are being sent out into the social media ether when Stephen Miller is probably enjoying a banana nut muffin not even five feet away from the president. Remember that Trump had a ghost-writer craft “The Art of the Deal.”

Let’s consider this tweet first. In typical Miller fashion, immigration is emphasized and used to victimize the aggressor, in this case, border patrol agents. Then Trump goes on to blame Democrats for laws that make the rampant abuse of these agents slightly more difficult. Talks about “Caravans” coming, as if they are carrying the plague.



Trump just can’t resist using the word “nuclear.” Clearly, he is impatient and wants things done NOW. Next up, Trump targets the Mexican government, suggesting that if “the flow” doesn’t stop then NAFTA might have a little…accident. So, we have impatience coupled with a “bull in a china shop” mentality? Classic POTUS. However that isn’t the interesting part.



Also, look at his (Miller’s?) choice of words here. “Cash cow.” The phrasing puts the responsibility on Mexico, making it seem parasitic rather than symbiotic, then threatens to yank NAFTA, as if our third largest trading partner is a parasite and the US of A gets nothing out of it.

So, again, my impression is that Stephen Miller helps Trump find just the right word  to strike at the kidneys of the right.  Don’t forget that Miller was the President’s top speechwriter on the campaign trail, and architect of the “American Carnage” speech.

Looks like we have an emboldened POTUS, wanting to get things done RIGHT THIS MINUTE, pressuring Congress to go nuclear, etc. Trump is already capable of being incredibly aggressive, but Miller tosses a nuclear bomb onto a chemical fire.

Just wait until Bolton officially becomes National Security Adviser. He has what Trump lacks: political savvy and a thorough knowledge of how Washington works. Miller + Bolton? That’s a pretty terrifying combination.

So an insane Twitter storm defines Trump’s Easter weekend. But things are about to heat up even more. 2017 might have seemed like an historic year, but 2018 promises to be a tsunami.



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2 thoughts on “Trump and Stephen Miller’s “Breakfast Nook” Anti-Immigration Easter Weekend

  • anne leueen

    I heard about this on the BBC World Service (Satellite). It came right after the report on the empathetic and merciful speech from Pope Francis on Syria. The juxtaposition of these two announcements was striking to me. I find the Trump announcements depressing especially on Easter Sunday. I’m not religious but I found it depressing to be talking about slamming Mexico and getting rid of unwanted immigrants. Never mind that many ,if not most, of the DACA people have been here for most of their lives, speak , read and write English and have education and jobs. But that’s just me being rational and waaaaay to kind hearted I guess. And of course I’m Canadian so everyone knows we are just a bunch of softies on everything and pay way too much in taxes to support the wastrels who are living high off the social safety net hog. Oh dear….sorry it seems a rant just burbled out of me.

    • dsprague85 Post author

      Yeah, don’t be kind-hearted in the Trump age! Anything but that!

      It’s a pretty depressing state of affairs, and honestly, DACA recipients aren’t the only immigrants suffering, and Trump is quietly committing these human rights abuses, using DACA as a shield. Hehe, now I’m the one rambling!

      And ramble on my blog anytime! Glad to see you’re back!